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Friday, April 29, 2011


Lot Y
Yep pee, yep pee, yahoo, yep pee. Y? Because it’s Y. You say Y? And I say because, and you say Y? And I say because and you say Y? Then I say Y and you say Y.

 Y is the funfest letter in the alphabet it a lot like chocolate you cannot get enough of Y, Yummy Y. 

I bet you have played the Y game before and you say Y. and I say because. 

Then I say shut up and you say Y.  And I say because. When you say Y. Don’t forget to dot the I and you say Y? I say because there is no I in Y. and you say Y. There are a lot of fun words that start with Y like Yell. Just step out back and give err a try and yell Y. And when someone asks Y, you can yell Y. Y should be the first letter in the alphabet but they put it next to Z just to keep the Z’s awake. That’s Y.

Thank you and God Bless


JP Brandano Photography said...

lol very inventive Roy as always good for a laugh thank You

Anna L. Walls said...


the blogger who read and comment

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