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Sunday, May 8, 2011

lot belief-2.1

“The eye is the window to the soul” they don’t know who said this the first time but it was written down some time in 110 BCE.

 The experiment of looking at the sun is a bit of a trick, to get you to see the image you see when there is no light.  You have to look inside yourself to find your soul.  There have been many scientific studies to determined if and what the soul is.  All the results have been debated by many great minds.  From weighting the body at death to recording brain waves, many photos are said to show the soul leaving the body. The data from this test can be explained by the laws of physic; the photo can be edited of tricked.  However the first hand reports of people who have had a near death experience tell the same story. The images that I have posted in part 2 are what I have seen. People who have passed out have reported the same vision. The bright white light with the pink hue, the tunnel that which strangely looks like the birth canal, is reported by all who have been there.  Some people say that our thoughts or the ability to think is the soul. I me myself thoughts are not the soul. Thought is not the soul.  The soul is the feeling of conscious existence of being. Our emotions come from the soul and are the existence of the soul.   Love, hate, sorrow, happy, sad, hope, joy, fear are feeling, the expression of the soul.

Here is the big one. We are as humans beings possessed by a spirit a soul that is freely join in a physical form, to learn to how to sort out its existence, it consist of three parts faith, hope and love.  We have been told this before. Think on it.
Thank you and god bless


Anonymous said...

I believe in the existence of the soul. The brain is just like computer hardware. I think there is something else that gives us our humanity.

Anna L. Walls said...

Great post - but I don't care how good the computer is, without the soul, it is only a computer.

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