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Monday, May 9, 2011

lot belief-2.2

The soul so far in this exercise, we have found that the feeling of one’s existence is the soul. Here is another look at the soul. A person gets in a car; they can go just about anywhere they have a mind to.

 The car can take on the identity of the person driving it. The car cannot do much without a driver.   A person can get on a horse and like in the car they can go just about anywhere. 

The difference here is the horse can and does go just about anywhere without a person. The soul (person) was in control of the car and the horse. Here we are going from point A to B or from birth to death of the car or horse. A soul can exist without a car or a horse, and can and does exist after using the car or horse. There is some else that we can glean from this. The horse has a mind of its own. It can make choices to go or not go where you want. A horse won’t go where if see a danger but a car will.

 A person has to learn to ride a horse or drive a car. A soul has to learn to use the body it inhabits.  For now I will move on to the next question of this exercise and will come back and look at this one again. Thing about this and tell me what you think? 

thank you and god bless


Anna L. Walls said...

Possibly - sounds kind of distant though.

Rimly said...

I think a soul inhabits a body and uses it by instinct and also from unconscious memories from past lives. A car has no soul whereas a horse has one. So in that sense souls have choices whereas as a machine is an instrument to a means.

Jessica Brant said...

I am running with Rimly on this one.

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