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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

lot belief 3

The next question is there a god. And as the rules for this the answer is no. to say this is a hard one for me, because I know otherwise. But here we go, (god) from the dictionary “the being (a living thing, especially one conceived of as supernatural or not living on Earth) believed in monotheistic religions such as Judaism, Islam, and Christianity to be the all-powerful all-knowing creator of the universe, worshiped as the only god.”
From a scientific view mainly from physic “the universe and all thing exist as casualty of the inter action of atom.”
From a person who does not believe “if there was a god why would there be sickness, death, cruelty, war, bad weather, earth quake.”
I need your help here as I said this is hard for me because I know god exist. So if there a person that can make a good argument please post a comment.

thank you and god bless


JP Brandano Photography said...

if their is a god his middle management skills are lacking:)

Alpana Jaiswal said...

I believe there is GOD,sometimes my faith does get shaken...but I can't question his existence..

Conda V. Douglas said...

Oh my, Roy, I'm a semi-Buddhist because all you need is to try to be a good person...wait, that's Christian, too--the complexities escape me!

Kriti said...

We wouldn't know happiness if there was no sadness. Your questions is really deep ROy - will take much more than a comment box to discuss...

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