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Monday, May 16, 2011

lot belief 4

Is the world flat? It hard for me to say yes, it is also hard to believe that there are people who do believe that it is true. I can see how some can believe that, thing just seem to disappear over the horizon. People if they can’t see it with their own eyes just cannot believe the world is round.
But the world is flat for way too many. Women, children, and men, can’t see past the abyss of the horizon.  The horrors they see and go thru every day from abuse. Just what is abuse, it is defined in the dictionary as “the physical, psychological, or sexual maltreatment of a person or animal”.

When I was about ten years young, a family moves in next door to us. There were I think four kids, the kids were shy and kept to themselves. The parents were unkempt as were the kids. Even I at ten years I could see something was not right. The kids did not play in the yard; they just would sit or stand for hours in the back yard. You could see cuts and bruises on most of the open uncovered parts of their bodies.  I often heard the adults screaming and things hitting the walls of the house.  I guess it was about three months after they move in. the women was in the back yard with a broom handle beating on the four year old little girl. Our dog, a border collie, jumps the five foot fence and attached the women.

 It was the first time I saw a smile on those kids. It was about two weeks later that the boy, about my age, came to our door asking for help. He and the other kids had been alone in the house for over a week. No food, no supervision, no love, no understand. The baby had open sores and shit from head to foot.  The house was dirty as well as the kids.  My dad and mom called the police.  They came and took the kids somewhere and I heard that the parents of the kids went to jail.  
Now I would say the world is flat, those kids fell of the edge of the world past the horizon. If a dog can act to stop the abuse why can’t we. Why?

May god have mercy on us? If you see or hear abuse be a dog and stop it cold.

I can tell you of abuse I have seen and stopped over the past 55 years; but I ask you to please tell of the abuse to the police, and write about it here in the comments. And on your blogs and web pages be a dog and attach it.
Thank you and god bless.


BornStoryteller said...

I wish this story did not happen anywhere else but fiction. It sucks to know we walk among monsters.

Alfandi said...

I don't's been there historically throughout the ages..The Romans just chucked their unwanted babies through the window into the dumpster..The Chinese buried their unwanted baby girls alive..Babylonians, Mayans and Incas sacrificed their children for religious purposes..and today there are slave labors, prostitution and whatever inflictions...wish there is somebody strong enough to lead us out of this..or just resign to a fate that the evil will always be there no matter what..

bhavna said...

goosebumps.....yes thats what i got after reading this blog......surely child abuse needs to be stopped, tender innocent minds and body need to stay away from these cruel monster...loved your script...wonder if this story or just a work of a fiction

Roy Durham said...

i wish it was fiction but it is all to true

Anna L. Walls said...

I have no patience for someone who would inflict injury on a child or an animal. However such creatures have yet to cross my path, at least not that I knew. You can't tell just by looking. They say beauty is only skin deep, well, the monster can hide very well beneath it.

Alpana Jaiswal said...

I know how it feels,I have never spoken about it openly,I am scared..MY Mom knows,my cousin had tried something when I was a kid...It hurts a lot to think about it. I really wish,abuse of any kind never happened..Been there again in marriage,the pain is still there.

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