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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

lot belief 4.2

Is the world flat? Back in the dark ages people believe so. At least that is what I have been told. Now here is a little test, when you go outside stop and stand as still as you can. Look all around, listen make note of all that you hear. Feel the air smell it taste it.  Take a full innovatory of all around you. Look at the spot you are standing on. Look behind your ears, under your hair, behind your eyes. Now think about the fact that no one can see, feel, and hear what you are.  If this is too much work go back to bed and sleep on it. You are unique there is no one like you in the world. It is your world. No one can perceive the world like you do. It is imposable. It was given to you, now just what the heck you are going to do with it. Are you going to make it better? Are you going to make prettier?  Are you going to make it safer? Are you going to fill it with hate, or are you going to fill it with love? Are you going to fill it with pain and suffering? Or are you going to heal the pain and end the suffering.  It is yours. You are responsible for it. So what are you going to do? Whatever you are going to do you had better get moving before that truck runs you over; shame on you for standing in the middle of the road.
have some fun!

Thank you for being in my world and making it better, God bless


Alpana Jaiswal said...

Thank you Roy,for making my world a better place...We all have so many possible occasions for loving and yet there is so little demonstrated love in the world. People are dying alone, crying alone. Children are being abused and elderly people are spending their final days without tenderness and love. In a world where there is such an obvious need for demonstrated love, it is well to realize the enormous power we do have to help and heal people in our lives with nothing more complicated than an outstretched hand or a warm hug. Day's end is a good time to reflect on what you have done to make the world a better, more caring and loving place. If nothing springs to mind night after night, this can also be an excellent time to consider how you can change the world for the better. You need not perform monumental acts, but act on the simple things which are easily accomplished: the phone call you have not made, the note you have put off writing, the kindness you have failed to acknowledge. When it comes to giving love, the opportunities are unlimited and we are all gifted.

Marty said...

I sure will continue to spread some love, respect and kindness.Love your blog man!

Anna L. Walls said...

I do what I can where I can whenever I can. Optimism is me. Pessimism is depressing.

Jessica M said...

I love the message of this post! We all have a choice in life...let's make the world more positive...let's be light and shine it in the dark corners and make our lives a reason others can believe in humanity, spreading hope through our compassion. You're right, we are all unique,and we all have different gifts and talents we can's a shame people use these gifts unwisely and just as much of a shame when they don't use them at all.

Great post!

Ravenmyth said...

When I read your post Roy, right after I posted mine today I smiled at the similarities within what we were saying.Just have to love the Syncronicity of Life and our connection to all things. Sometimes, humanity just needs a little reminder to be Mindfull within their own creation...check out my post...we are on the same thread....Loved It Roy!

Corinne Rodrigues said...

Great wisdom here, Roy. I'm constantly asking myself what I'm doing to make this world a better place!
PS: love the video!

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