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Thursday, May 5, 2011

lot belief

What do you believe that is the question?

 Do you have a soul? Is there a god? Is the world flat? Did a man go to the moon? Are there ghosts? Does big foot exist? Are we the only living being in the universe?

What is belief?
Belief is “acceptance by the mind that something is true or real, often underpinned by an emotional or spiritual sense of certainty” from a dictionary. Wow! Now that opens up more questions. What is the mind? What is true? What is real? What is emotional? What is spiritual? What is certainty?

An Experiment
Just for the fun of it take and read the first set of questions again and answer each with the word “no” write the answers down somewhere. Then do it again this time answer “yes”. Was there a change? What changed?
Take one of the first questions and in the comments leave your thoughts on the question. Don’t be shy write all you would like to on one question. The comments are open to all, no cipher to post a comment.  For the next week I will see if I /we can come up with the best answer to each. This should be fun and interesting.  

 Tomorrow I will address the first one “do you have a soul”. 
Thank you and god bless


Anna L. Walls said...

"Are we the only living being in the universe?" I'm of the opinion that, if god created man and all other things on this world, why would he stop there? Did he run out of imagination? I don't think so. And the universe is a very large space. It would be like owning all the marbles in the world - all the marbles ever made, but only one of them ever got dirty. Yeah, right. Only one? Not likely.

JIM said...

I think there is life out there but maybe not what we perceive as life
Hey Roy if you like the large birds you should check out my blog today. I had you in mind when I decided to have this subject

Bronzi said...

Do you have a soul? Yes, I believe we do. If we didn't we would not have all of these ghost walking around. lol

JP Brandano Photography said...

HI Roy here the test you wanted

Ravenmyth said...

Yes we do have a soul...and so do animals.I believe we are made of energy and energy never has actually proven that when a person or animal passes, (we are about 3 oz lighter) Said to be the Soul leaving the physical body. I actually had an experience with a loved one of feeling the difference when the Soul left..and have felt it with the passing of my pets..great question your now following. If you are interested check mine out at

dogcicle said...

its working...nice blog!

Car Title Loans said...

I don't think that there is any reason to not "believe" in something unless there is absolute proof not to. However, I also think it goes along with personal preference. So let's just say yes to it all :)

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