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Sunday, May 15, 2011

lot from you

Well today is Sunday. A day of rest. So I am going to give it a rest. The comment section is open to all. Ask me a question, or just say hi. If there is a subject you would like me to write about tell me.  If you would like me to write you a poem about anything just ask, I will write you one. If you leave a comment I will add you to the blog roll to the right.  Or you can visit them just click.  Have fun and comment. I thank you and God bless. Ps say something to mouse he is feeling left out lately.


sulekkha said...

Hello Mr Mouse, could you ask Roy to write me a poem about friends. Thanks...:)

alejandro guzman said...

I need my cheese back! Anytime you'd like to write something for me, please be my guest mate.

Cheers A

Alpana Jaiswal said...

my question to you dear friend....can you help me to write??? I am in pain,if I don't write,I will go crazy!!!!!

Roy Durham said...

Friends and mates
Friends just a few
Many are new
Then there are you

Mates are never late
Hey just watch your plate
That’s my beer
And my friend you hear

Friends are there
The weather is fair
We like to share
But storm of night they will be there

It’s a love we share
To be fair to our soul
Good friend my mate
Come as you are

Friends and mates
With love not hate
Life waits for
Friends and mates

Anna L. Walls said...

Good morning - it's still morning here so I can still say it. haha

Roy Durham said...

@ Anna morning is three month long where you are. so of coarse it morning. ha hehe lol
god bless

Debra said...

Hey Mr. Mouse, will you be my BBF?

Debra said...

That stands for best buddy forever BTW.

Roy Durham said...

yep Debra i the best catter ever. you know i will.

Roy Durham said...

i said that not roy me the mouse

Rimly said...

Hey mouse want some cheese?

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