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Saturday, May 28, 2011

lot in thought

I’m not here today
Throw I’m not far away
My thoughts have gone astray
Time has come and gone

Words of the past
Echo and feruling wheals
Lament lying and dyeing
Not to be heard

A tree for a tombstone
I stand and breach the sand of time
My roots run deep
To hold you once more

These words forget me not
My limbs reach for the heavens
My leaves dance with joy
To hear these word from you
 I love you

Thank you and god bless


alejandro guzman said...

As spring is... I will grow


Mohinee said...

So touching and deep! Loved your poem Sir!

Alpana Jaiswal said...

beautiful...I love the thought of being in isn't new to me,but whenever it has happened,its been wonderful..loved your words,Roy..will send it across.

Dave said...

Excellent poem! Brings that feeling of being in love right to the front.

Jessica M said...

Great poem. I loved the whole thing but two lines that really stood out to me was "my limbs reach for the heavens, my leaves dance with joy"...great imagery :)


Jessica Brant said...

beautiful poem.... very well written..

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