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Monday, May 23, 2011

lot of dandelions

The war of the dandelions

Have you ever just look at a dandelion
Have you seen the golden glow reflecting off someone face
As they hold it near
The smile on their face and the gleam in their eyes

When they turn old and gray
Had you ever played

Make a wish and blow a kiss their way
And found a sunny day

I have tried to mow them down
They just get spread all over the ground
I have tried the spray
I guess they are here to stay

Someone gave me a bouquet
Just to say I love you
What to do
I put them in a glass  

I hope they will last
   Till judgment day
         Just to show
          I was loved

thank you for dandelions and god bless


Rimly said...

I love dandelions. I remember blowing them for a wish as a kid. Brought back beautiful memories with this poem. Thank you and god bless.

Alpana Jaiswal said...

As Rimly says,I remember making wishes also.Beautifully written poem,making me nostalgic.
No creature is fully itself till it is, like the dandelion, opened in the bloom of pure relationship to the sun, the entire living cosmos.
- D.H. Lawrence

EstherBelle said...

I am another who used them to make a wish as a child. Perhaps we should not stop believing in the magic of a pretty little flower gone to seed.Perhaps we should learn from the lowly dandelion, and allow our seeds-our thoughts perhaps-to blow away with the wind. Thank you for this wonderful reminder.

bjbohls said...

Hey Cowboy -

Always a good read, your poems are. Thank you. :)

Bronzi said...

Thanks for bringing back the lovely memories Roy. Love the poems. Thank you and God Bless.

Anna L. Walls said...

There is another plant that is just as tenacious, just as beautiful, and just as hard to battle. Fireweed. Love 'em. Hare 'em - both. haha go figure.

Healing Morning said...

I have a special place in my heart for dandelions, and have written blog posts about them in the past. In fact, I have a draft right now on my blog about dandelions that I need to get whipped into shape - this post just reminded me of it! I think they represent a lot of admirable traits in nature, and every stage of their growth is beautiful. Nice post, Roy!


sancheeta biswas said...

the bright yellow colored dandelions are just wonderful, a bouquet of dandelions to share love is more unique. wish that the flowers stay with you as a great symbol of love till the judgement day.

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