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Saturday, May 21, 2011

lot of the end

Good by cruel world!!!
Let me see?
Hey! mouse where did you put the fishing gear?
What do you mean you put it in my bed roll!
You know what happen the last time.
It took a week to get that hook out.
 Did you load the Henry?
I have got the coffee.
What about the greener?
The reloads are it the tack shed.
What do you mean sally won’t get up?
Give him some oats, he’ll get the move on.
What the heck? Did you put the radio on that camping show?
Sally said what?
He said that the world was going to end.
Who said that?
Sally said that the fellar on the radio said that.
Well mouse it your fault for putting the radio on that station.
I said to put on some soft music to calm him down so we could take him camping.
He keeps saying mine eyes have seen the coming.
They were sing hymns!
You would know that takes a jackass to believe that jackass on the radio.
Now Get up sally you will get sand in eyes.
Mouse saddle old calliope she is calm and steady.
Let ride the trout are a biting. Heeeee!! Haaaaw!! Ride!!!

 thank you lord and god bless all


BornStoryteller said...

Beautiful pic. Mouse stays.

Roy Durham said...

that's mouse bring up the end

JIM said...

Great image and words have a great weekend Roy

Alejandro said...

Oh poor fish!

A lol

Alpana Jaiswal said...

Very well written,and would love to experience what is written by you,and see the beautiful place in the picture.

Roy Durham said...

that"s Utah where the rainbows are

Anna L. Walls said...

See you on the other end of the rainbow - hahaha - or sit with you and watch the harvest.

Esther Belle said...

ride, sally, ride!

Jessica said...

lol great post...maybe the mouse should try putting on a cd next time, you never know what you'll hear on the radio! :)

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