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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

lot of happy

What makes me happy?
Is it a new car?
Is it a home?
Is it the people that I love?

Just what makes me happy?
Is it lots of money?
Is it the shirt I got for my last birthday?
Is it the pretty ring you gave me?

Really what makes me happy?
Is it that you said you loved me?
Is it what you call me a friend?
Is it the work I do?

Just what is it that makes me happy?
Is it the pain I have caused?
Is it the kiss I stole?
Is it a walk in the park?

What makes me happy?
I will never tell?
It is my little secret?
It’s me?

 thank you and god bless


Laura said...

Blogging makes me happy :)

melissa said...

you are happiness :)

Jessica M said...

Happy , content kids...make me happy! Knowing we have a God who loves us, makes me happy. A husband that doesn't snore through the night...makes me happy ;)

Savira Gupta said...

Being here makes me happy but would be even happier if 'someone' would just stop snoring and begin listening! Lol

JP Brandano Photography said...

Another one that makes you smile while you deliver a message that makes us think

Jan said...

Ha, happiness derived from the joy of others.

Finding One's Way said...


My children make me happy....
Life make me happy....
Money makes me happy....

geezersayzblog said...

Roy, is there any way to subscribe to your blog through e-mail? I don't see a way on your blog page, and it won't let me subscribe to the Atom Feed with IE9, which I use to read Feeds. Plus my IE9 doesn't display your page correctly -- the background and type blends together, so I can't read it.

sulekkha said...

Reading my friends blog makes me happy, writing my posts makes me happy. Keep smiling n god bless.

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