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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

lot of rights

There has been a question about human rights. And the rights that are fundamental.  Every living thing as well as the planet that we live on have this first right and most basic is to exist. We do not normally think of rocks as being alive. The fact that a rock exist means that it has a life be it very long lived. The next right is the right to not exist. Two quantity of matter cannot share the same existence in space at the same time.  
Moving up the food chain we have the amoeba. Does the amoeba have more right then a rock? They are alive and live off the rocks. A rock must die for amoeba to live.
study the picture they all most look human

The next step up is plants. They too have the same rights. Plants live off the rocks and amoebas. Next we have animals. Animals have the same rights, and live off rocks, amoebas, and plants. All animals have another right, and that is self preservation but that just goes back to the first right.  Now there is one animal that exercise its right not to exist, and that is a lemming.

Man is the only animal that cannot live without trying to change these basic laws that cannot be changed. Man has made laws to defend a person right to live. There are men who have made laws to tell a person how to live and where to live. When a man murders people and plans to kill more, what is to be done with him? There are very few who have not heard the story of Jesus Christ. He was publicly killed. He did not kill anyone. It is claimed that he brought some back to life.  No one came to his aid. Now there are people who claim that a mass murder deserves to be tried in a court of law. If anything bin laden was more of an anti Christ. He sure was not a Christ. Give what we know of him, what would do if you were the one holding the gun your finger on the trigger? He did not think about the live he was taking. Why should we?  I think he got far better the he deserved.  If it were me I would not have killed him, but would defiantly wound him and then I would take him for a ride to the cauldron of the nearest active volcano and I would be nice from 40000 feet I would give him a parachute and one of his smart weapon vests just in case he runs into a problem, sorry if it has a big hole in it, I did have to dress his wound, and wish him a happy landing.  
So this is what I think. You have the right to have a different view.    
 Thank you and god bless                                                                                       


Debra said...

He certainly did deserve justice! What a story!

Anna L. Walls said...

I think my latest manuscript is wearing off on me too much. Being absolute neutral takes me beyond judging. It is not up to me to decide who deserves to live and who deserves to die - even in this case. I do believe I could manage to find Bin Ladin a job on a pig farm for the rest of his natural life though.

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