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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

lot won't bite

Just what to do
Something new
Shall I wait for you?
Well that is something to do

But that is old
Well so am I
I want something new
Well I might try a fly

Now here is an idea
It just might be
Its bright you see
Silver with white and red

Just dance it pass your head
Now get out of that bed
Laying in that moss
They might think you’re dead

I see this is going to be a battle
How about an egg or two
I guess that won’t do
Just take a bite

What this
Some kind of prank
Have to use a lot of crank
This is not fair, that is an old shoe.

thank you and god bless


Kriti said...

: )))) - funnnnnyyyyy! Love coming here Roy - always leave with a smile : ))

Anna L. Walls said...

Cool train of thought. haha

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