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Thursday, June 9, 2011

lot of fathers

When I get to thinking back about my dad I remember that he worked a lot generally 16 hours a day seven days a week.  He worked for the Union Pacific railroad five and sometime six days a week.  Then he would come home and work on our farm or go help someone with their troubles.  This meant that he was not home a lot. So who took his place as father?  Well there was grandpa, my uncles some friend of my dad and a neighbor or two. All these men help me grow as a man. Many had no responsibility for me but they were there to help my dad be a father.  My dad was well known for his hard work and being a friend to all and any who need a friend.  Dad would hear of some fruit that need someone to go pick and he would round us kid up and we would go pick fruit. We would keep some for our self but dad would find homes for what was left over.  He would go and work down at the stockyards loading cattle in box cars, or help moving stock threw the auction barn. I guess you can’t take the cowboy out of a man by moving in to a city.  About those other fathers they all help me. They show me what a man was suppose to do. My dad did not preach to me he show me by doing. The other men would tell me to do as my father.  To be honest and hard working, help those in need of help; give an honest day work for an honest day’s pay.  Be true to your word, and keep it. I heard of and know people who never knew their father but if they look around there has been someone who has been a father to them.  I hear the terms, step father, Foster father, my mom boyfriend, if these men step-up and try to be a father. Then I say loose the term and call them dad, daddy, pa, or pop. I know you will feel better and they will work hard at being a father.

How many fathers do you have?

thank you and god bless


Alfandi said...

the old days of extended family..everybody pitched in to make things work for the family..maybe it is better than today's small family..especially for children growing up..learning the value of unity..

Mary said...

Roy, what a wonderful post! My father moved in with my husband and I shortly after my mother passed away in 1995, and has been with us ever since. He is 88 yrs old. Even tho it sometimes gets aggravating for me, I wouldn't change a thing. I'm happy to have him here with us where I can take care of his needs. I can give back a little of what he gave me as a child. Working himself to the bone so that I could have the things I needed and could go to college. He is a great dad! A great father!

Ravenmyth said...

It was the way they did things back then...everyone chipped in and helped each other..the true definition of neighbour, family and help thy neighbour. It sounds like your Dad was a living example. He definitley walked the talk. You were very lucky Roy to have such a strong male influence in your life. Not all boys get that today. You must be very thankful for the many gifts your father gave you....

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