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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

lot of guns and whiskey

Six guns and whiskey
Part of the romance of the old west was the six guns and whiskey. Both have an effect on a person some good some bad.  A person can drink a shot or two of whiskey and they will start to lose their fears and do things that they would not do if they were in a better state of mind.

 Like climbing on the back of a mad Brahma bull or try to jump across a twelve foot wide six foot deep creek. Or some other darn fool thing where the odds are not in the realm of success. But whiskey will let them try and if they make it, well! They can brag about how good and brave they are.  If they don’t make it they can blame it on the whiskey. Sound like a win-win situation to me. Now I drank my share of whiskey and done one or two maybe more fool things and maybe got away with it, I think but one never knows.

Now there is the six-gun it like the whiskey will make a man lose his fears. Just the sight of a six-gun changes the situation no one wants to mess around with a man with a gun. A man with a gun won’t back down. He will have it his way or he will let Sam Colt do his talking. He takes on faults since of bravery, secured in the fact he has a gun.  Now cowboys used guns to protect his charge and kill food. The old west of the silver screen, guns fight are the norm, but the real cowboys of the old west, most never fired there gun except to kill an empty whiskey bottle and maybe a rattle snake or two and a rabbit for supper.

Fear that what it’s all about, people’s fears and how they deal with them.  A hundred year ago their fears were real from the environment, bad men with guns wild animals and such. Today its banker and fear craze men with blogs writing about fear and whiskey.  How do you deal with your fears?   I like a little stick filled with lead, it mightier than the sword.

thank you and god bless


Jessica M said...

Good point...the pen, or pencil, can be much mighter than the sword! It can both start revolutions and restore relationships leading to reconciliation.
Thoughtful post on fear!

Jim Fisher said...

God created man and Sam Colt made them equal.

sulekkha said...

I like the pen too, whiskey and guns seem like a lethal combination. But we can write off any bully and emerge victorious.Nice post Cowboy Roy :)

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