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Saturday, June 4, 2011

lot of letter

Dear ma and pa

I am doing fine, we made ten miles today. The foreman said we will get to fort Bridger in a week. He said that there a train there so we won’t have to drive these beeves all the way to salt lake.

A couple of days back we came upon a heard of buffalos. We had a time getting the heard back headed south; it seems like them long horns and a big spike had to see who the heard boss was. Old Tag shot that buff four times with the sharps to bring him down. There was some Shoshonis hunting them and Tag let them have it. I thought there was going to be some trouble, those Shoshonis did not like the holes tag put in that spike.

Tell pa I had to shoot brownie he stepped in a badger hole and broke his leg. I went rolling half way to partition flats. I am riding old Sugar Butt now, she stills a knot head but I think she will make a good cow pony by the time we get to Bridger.

I don’t know if I will be coming home. I will send my pay back with jack black. He said he would bring it a sugar butt home two you. Will I guess I should tell yaw why.  I was trying to shoot a buck for some camp meat and Neal stepped in front of me just as I shot. He fell right there. Tell Aunt Martha that it was an accident. I did not mean to shoot him. The Forman said he would have to turn me over to the marshal in Bridger.  I don’t know if they will hang me, but it was an accident.

Will that all from here. I’m riding night heard.  Tell pa I miss them and I wish I was coming home.
Your son Bob.

Just an old letter found on tumble weed trial.
 Thank you and god bless


Alpana Jaiswal said...

I have tears in my eyes..this is so touching.I really don't have any words..But did the people back home forgive me? Did they understand it as an accident?

Alfandi said...

is this an old letter from the cowboy days of the past..?

Roy Durham said...

this just a part of a story i am writing base on the old west back around 1905 along the Wyoming Utah border

Anna L. Walls said...

it resonates with real. Congrats. Great hook.

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