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Thursday, June 2, 2011

lot of summer time

Summer time,
Cowboy’s mountain meadows
The snows almost gone
Calving done
Time to move them
Up there near the sky  

Being a good neighbor,
The trees stand tall
Braced against Stormy weather,
Facing tragedy for us all

That’s my many rambling
Or this dusty trail

Cattle low the moons
Hallowed glow

Camp fire bring back
The warmth of the sun
Night heard sings
A coyote’s sonnet

Summer time
The willows chime
Buttermilk sky

Day Dreams on the fly
Summer time breeze

A sweet hearts kiss
Romance dancing across
 The meadows knolls
Of daisy blooms butters cups
And blue bells chime
To the meadow larks melody

The camp fire lick
Its coffee kiss
What beans again
Pass the brisket please

Thank you and god bless
 This poem is brought to you by Rachel Hoyt


JIM said...

Thanks you Roy I actually felt like I was on the prairie
while reading it


Simran said...

That was so sweet :)

alejandro guzman said...

Move along little doggie... loved it
Now not too many beans please?


Rachel Hoyt said...

Ok, now I REALLY want to participate in a cattle drive! :) I at least want to get out for a horseback ride. It has been too long.

P.S. I can only take credit for the words "summer time". You did all the work creating the lovely imagery with your words. :)

SJ said...

Can get very nostalgic reading this, reminds me of summers past and I can't wait for new ones. I do wish camping in the UK was more like how you describe it though :)

Alpana Jaiswal said...

Very well written,I can actually visualize myself there..

Jessica M said...

I loved it. There were so many images and lines that I particularly enjoyed it's hard to narrow it down. Buttermilk sky..Day dreams on the fly..Cattle low the moons hallowed glow" Great stuff!

Corinne Rodrigues said...

Roy - You recreated all that comes to mind for those of us in India who grew up watching Westerns and read Louis L'Amour!! And learnt to sing cowboy songs.....("I ride an old paint, I lead an old dan..I'm going to Montana to to throw the hoolihan. They feed in the coulees, they water in the draw
Their tails are all matted, their backs are all raw......)..Imagine an Indian woman feeling nostalgic for something she never experienced in reality -blame it on yourself, Roy!;)

Rimly said...

Reading it I really wished I could be a cowboy for just one night. Beautiful Roy. God bless.

BornStoryteller said...

mmmmm....brisket!! yum

Jessica Brant said...

I felt like I was out west on the great wide open.

Mari Sterling Wilbur said...

As an avid horsewoman I love this and the photos that go with it!

Regards, Mari

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