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Thursday, June 16, 2011

lot to fathers

my son, grandson, and me

First of all I want to say thank you to all who have commented here on my blog. Your words have inspired me to keep writing. I try to write from my heart and soul and give all I can. 

Today’s post is still on the topic of fathers.  I was lucky or bless with very good one.  I know there are many men; too many, that don’t answer the call to be a good father.  It is not as easy as a roll in the hay, its takes heart and bravery hard work, fear of doing wrong. The first twelve years of  a child’s, your child , life is the hardest and the most joy, helping and molding that little one into someone that he/she can be proud of, to be a better person then you are. The first time a father holds his child he forgives the future and takes the responsibility for it.

I have seen and known men that with a lot of bravado, being macho, who think it is being a father to beat his wife and child.  A man is born to a legatees of fighting to protect his family, providing food and shelter, spearheading, searching the path in the abyss of life, and fear of the unknown. Is it the scent of death the fear of being killed or having to kill that terrorizes these men? The men who fail be being a father knows this all too well. They bring home fear to a love starved family.

The stories of hero’s, knights in shining armor, gun toting cowboys, solders fighting bravely to save the day. The battle that a father fights to win is putting a meal of love, understanding, compassion, hope and faith on the table.  On the battle field a solder will stop and aid his fallen comrades’. This makes him a hero, as fathers we need to stop and help our fall fathers show them they can be heroes.  Maybe we can form a legion of fathers to support and train the new recruits and show them how to be real heroes and fathers.  

Please tell me what you think, how can we help young men be real fathers?
 Thank you and God bless.


karina said...

This is a really sweet post Roy. I am sure your son and grandson are proud

K :-)

Ravenmyth said...

Your thoughts for a Legion to Mentor Fathers is brilliant. It is the Fathers that teach their sons how to be a Father or a Dad..and through the generations they pass that knowledge on.

Beautiful photo of you, your son, and grandson...3 generations.

From what I see and based on your writings...all well mentored...and it started with your Dad...what a legacy he left...

Bronzi said...

Roy, this is a lovely picture of you, your son and grand son. As from a mothers point of view. I try to distill in my son that caring for your family is the first thing you should do. Many parents don't teach their sons how to care for their family. It all starts there.

Teach them the meaning of the word love. So they know how to show love and give love in return.

It's true, the first twelve years is the most important years in a childs life and this is when you teach a child how to be a loving person. How to care for another person. How to learn what feelings about people are important. How to be an honorable person. This list can go on and on.

But it all starts with the parents molding the child to be a loving person. Then one also needs to talk and listen to there children. To many parents don't take the time to talk to their kids. This is how they learn.

Then you as a parent must show how you are as a good parent and lead the way for the child to be a good parent. Admit you have made some mistakes and that you want them to be better than you are as a parent.

Roy, I could make this a post on my blog. Because, this is one of those questions that can have many answers of how you can help young men be real fathers.

Great post Roy!


Roy Durham said...

thank all of you for your great comments at all of you please write a post about fathers, how you define them. post the link here or link to my post lets give men that are and will be fathers all the support we can thank you and God bless

Alpana Jaiswal said...

Beautiful post..and I so love the photograph.You are a great human being..I guess its in your genes to be a great father,a wonderful grandfather...And I can vouch for that.When you can reach out to a complete stranger like must be the best for your u Roy.

Royal Nirupam said...

Roy feel shy to say, as there might have been lot of errors,that was my first try."The story of an unknown indian". My dad's story unfinished yet.May have a look six posts are there already.Btw your key board is oozing pure golds.Very happy my friend.

melissa said...

This is one of the most beautiful posts on fathers I've read so far...

Geez, can't help crying as I read this...I can't even make one beautiful word for my dad...

If such a school exists where fathers could grow as such, hope they'll build it soon...

There's a big difference between being a good provider and a good father...

loved this Roy... I am blessed to meet such a person such as you. Your father must be very proud of you.

Jessica M said...

You are such an inspiring person. I love coming here. You have such a big heart and wonderful sense of empathy, insight and compassion.

fantacy in practicality said...

a beautiful picture of three generations. i love coming back to read an ideal father, to meet an ideal human being.
there are many responsibilities that young men can ponder over to be an ideal father.
the one out of these i can mention is that they need to balance between their work schedule and spend quality time with their children at home. at least keep a day off just for the kids to know him better , to know them better. life gives just one chance to be a caring and loving father.

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