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Monday, June 6, 2011

My first and earliest memory of my dad

My first and earliest memory of my dad, I quests I was about three maybe a little over two. We were living on a ranch I think it was in Nebraska. The ranch was the Anderson ranch and my dad work as a cowboy or ranch hand for a hundred thirty and keeps a month.  I don’t remember much about the day it more of a short picture movie looping in my mind. I have talk to my mom about this memory many times. So I have the picture in my head but the story is what my mom told me of the event. It seems to me that it was after noon but a long time to supper. The day was clear and warm. I was playing in the yard with my dog, I could here, and it funny I am sixty two years later, I still can hear that sound of the cattle coming, it was a stamped.

My dad was riding buck and was out front of the heard, they were coming fast. My dad jumps the fence with buck and rode to the corral gate and opens it. The herd of cows came thundering by my mom grabbed me up and we watch the herd come in from the, I assume safety of, our screen porch.  I can still hear the all the whistles and pops of the bull whip, yelling of the cowboys, and the balling of the cows. Now I don’t about yours but that is one heck of a memory of my dad.  It’s been sixty two years but the images are still fresh in my mind as if it had just happen. My mom tells me that there was a storm and lighting that spooked the herd and my dad save the day riding turning the herd in to the corral.  These pictures are the closes to what I see in my mind. 

Do you think I wanted to be a cowboy? What was your first memory of your dad?  Please write about it here in the comments.

 Thank you and god bless


BornStoryteller said...

That IS one heck of a memory to have. Glad you wrote it and shared. Yeee Ha!

BornStoryteller said...

Had to stop and think...yes, always wanted to be a cowboy. I grew up on Movies and TV (my babysitter)..and LOVED Westerns. Still do.

My dad: my first memories are all mixed up, not knowing when a photo is the memory. I do have a recollection of a hot summer day, outside on Gerard Avenue (The Bronx) around the corner from Yankee Stadium. I was playing, and he came walking from 161st and the subway (not the food chain) in his shirt, tie and jacket, lugging his samples cases (two big honking cases, black, on wheels). No idea how old I was. But..there you go.

charlie nitric said...

Hey Roy -

That's a very vivid first memory of your father. It sounds like a good memory also. My first is sitting on his lap and family all around. I'm guessing it was a Christmas at about age 4 or so. Thanks. :)

Royal Nirupam said...

He was sharing his breakfast,with me.I was hovering around him,In a bright sunny pleasant morning.That's the earliest i can recall.

Roy Durham said...

@ Royal Nirupam i look for it yesterday and did not see it but i am glad to see you are back posting on your blog. it been a a little missing in my travels on the web. thank you for draping by it is good to here from you my good friend. thank you and god bless

Jessica M said...

What an extraordinary first memory of you and your father! Sounds like he was quite the dad :)

melissa said...

You, I think, have always been a cowboy. I wish I were a cowgirl ;). I like the action.

You know there are things that make me so attached to posts... the words: dad, Africa, mission and God.

So with this dad post and you asking what my earliest memory is of him, I remember listening toclassical music with him while he drew his projects. He trained my ears to listen to good music. It somehow relaxes my soul.

Thanks for sharing your story Roy. I enjoyed reading your adventures with your dad :)

Jim said...

You got a Dad you can be proud of. And that's grand!

Debbie said...

Enjoyed your post Roy, and yes I think you wanted to be a cowboy... or are you one now :))

Sounds like you had a wonderful father....


Finding One's Way said...

It is so nice to be able to look back on your childhood memories with love..
Thank you for letting us share you memories.
I think you and your dad had something special. : )

sulekkha said...

Loved your memory of your dad, Roy. I think I remember him picking me up and taking me into the pool when I was little but I wouldn't let go of him and clung to him. My arms were around his neck and I was yelling at the top of my voice. Finally he brought me out and still I clung to him and now I am clinging to his memory after he has gone away from me.

JP Brandano Photography said...

Really nice Roy and attribute to your love for the man!!!
Enjoyed reading it!!!

Anna L. Walls said...

I have a story told by my mom, but no real memory of my own. My family lived on a cattle ranch too and the cattle were brought in I suppose at least once a year for branding and doctoring or to be loaded on truck and sent to the feedlot. My mom said every time my dad and my brothers road by the house I would crawl to the door, which had glass panes in it all the way up and down. She said I'd scream and holler until I got to go out and sit in front of someone on the horse.

Kriti said...

Wow what a memory and what a hero your Dad was! Yes I think you would have wanted to be a cowboy - I don't know why but I am sure of that. My first memory was of me feeling like a queen on his shoulders during one of our vacations when we went sight seeing.

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