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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

The Pain of the Plane

First I would like to say thank you for all your comments and congratulations to the award honoree.

The Pain of the Plane

I guess I was seven or maybe eight when my dad bought one of them plastic model airplanes for me.  Now I have always been crazy about airplanes and finding one on the kitchen table was, my wildest dream come true.  My uncle who was about twelve year older had model planes all of his room.  I wanted to play with them, but that was a “no-no”, but this one was mine.  I wasted no time assembling it. I was proud and excited that I had put it together.  It was a P- 40 Warhawk like the ones that flew over our place in formation going to hill air base.

Now my dad was out plowing the north forty and I just had to go show him what I had done. I ran as fast as that plane could fly.  Dad stopped Johnny pop that is what we called the old one lung john deer tractor, when he saw me coming, running, and screaming with the excitement.  I guess he thought there was some trouble.  He got off the tractor and met me half way.  He was concerned that something was wrong.  I showed him the plane and bragged at my accomplishment of building the plane and was saying thank you for getting it for me.   I saw the worry leave his face and disappointment and sadness take its place. Then he said with a smile “You did a good job but I want help you put it together.” I saw a little boys dream die that day.  My dad and I had many more time to enjoy and have fun doing thing together, but if I could I would go back and wait for him to help me build it I would in a heartbeat and savor a little boys dream. That moment is loss forever just like the model I don’t remember what happened to it after that day, I never play with it after that day.

If you could what moment would you relive with your dad what would you change?

Thank you and god bless.


JIM said...

You have some wonderful memories of your dad... nicely written very touching you old cowboy!!!

fantacy in practicality said...

Daddy dear is one of the best part of my life. i would love to relive my childhood days with him. thinking of him and writing about him brings tears in my eyes. he had a wonderful process of teaching maths. we recited Tagore's poem together. i loved reading his poems too. he still writes and writes the best( all in bengali).
come back old and golden days, i want to experience the experimenting days with him once again.

Anna L. Walls said...

In my family, the boys helped dad and the girls pretty much stayed with mom. I was a serious tom boy so I was kinda the black sheep of the family and was always outside of both circles. No less loved but I think my mom and my dad didn't really know what to do with me. This is all hind-sight, I was oblivious at the moment. I'd be found playing with the hair on the horse's hooves (yes I was under the horse) I must have been little cause I don't remember it. I'd also be found in the feed trough trying to hand feed the hereford bulls. I don't remember that either. But I do remember helping my dad work on the truck - small hands came in handy sometimes. I'm sure my mom appalled when I came in all greasy.

imlindai said...

Roy, you made me stop and think. Sadly, there aren't any moments i would want to go back to with my first two fathers. With my present father, I would have let him into my life sooner.
Thank you, Roy, for helping me to realize that. I am going to copy this and send it to my father for Father's Day.

Love, Linda

Roy Durham said...

@ Linda be my guest thank you for the honor god bless

MisterTim said...

Thanks for your post Roy.
I think we all have those things we'd like to change if we could go back and do it all over again.
My Dad passed suddenly in the New Year 2007, just after we had all be down to see the folks for Christmas.
I had intended to sit with Dad and talk with him.. just him.. and let him know my thoughts, my gratitude, and even to clear the air about the hurts and worries I caused in my wilder days.
What I did manage.. was to hug him and say "I love you Dad" just before we were about to leave for the long drive home.
For that one thing I'm so grateful! even while I didn't sit with him one on one.. it was better than not having had the chance to say at least that much!
No.. what really gets me deep down is that I didn't phone Dad more, write him more, tell him more just how much he meant to me.
If I could go back and change just one thing.. it would be that I paid more attention to that.

sulekkha said...

Beautiful post about your love for your dad, miss my dad a lot...god bless

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