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Friday, June 24, 2011

This is a Friday moment

This is a Friday moment. I don’t have a picture of it so I will just have to remember the moment, and tell you about it.
It was this time of the year and me and my friends, well it Friday we were young and a little wild back there in 1966. 

We took my car, a 1946 ford woody station wagon, up to Brigham City, Utah to the Powwow and graduation ceremonies at the Intermountain Indian school. One of my buddies, his name was Ed Chow, he is full blood Ute; he was one of the dancers at the Powwow.   Ed was all dress up in buckskins, beads, feathers, and war paint for his performance; we were having a great time and meeting girls they seem to be like flies drawn to honey with Ed in that getup. I was all dress up a bit myself in my best hat and spurs, and I even wore my colt peacemaker, a real cowboy of the old west…  
We were having a lot of fun and it was around midnight I had to go back to Ogden and get another friend from work, he was bar tending and had to close up at one am, and he needed a ride. We all had planned to go up in the mountains and camp out for the weekend. A couple of girls tag along and one of had a bottle of jack Daniels; needless to say we were having some fun.  We got back to Ogden at the bar to pick up Larry our other friend. It was a quarter to one. So we went in to have a drink and help Larry clean and close the bar.

This one girl, I don’t remember her name, played a song on the jute box by Hank Williams. It was a hit in more ways the one. The song was Kalija, she was picking on Ed. Well there was a lot of horse play going on.  Ed was all ready fire up with all the dancing and a little jacked up, you see. He grabs her by the hair making out like he was going to scalp her. Then the wig came off. Ed was started and broke into a war dance up on the bar with the hair piece the girl was chasing him all over the bar.

We left the bar and were head up to the camping site when Ed said he was going to marry this girl and want me to drive to Wendover Nevada so they could get hitched. So I drove to Nevada, the girl was screaming she wanted her hair back and Ed was saying they were going to get married. Ed would say “I and going to marry you, do you want your hair back?” and she was saying “No give me back my hair”. Well we made it to Wendover and we all went in the all night wedding chapel. And they got married.
 The last time I saw them they had nine kids they had three set of triplets all boys. ED said he was going to re build the Ute nation all by himself.    Oh and by the way here name was Nie-Winne. She was Dine that's Navaho if you don’t know.

This is my Friday moment to remember.  Thank you and god bless


BornStoryteller said...

What a GREAT story Roy. So much better than just a pic. You gave us a photo album.

Tameka said...

Oh my! Thanks for sharing this story. I'm trying to imagine the picture that would tell this tale. It sounds like you and your friends had a rip-roaring time and one of you got a wife out of the deal. LOL @ the image of the wig being ripped off. I guess she was a beauty with or without that hair huh? :-)

Anonymous said...

Really interesting story Roy, thanks for sharing. Here is mine:


Alpana Jaiswal said...

Very well written..and so vivid,that I can see the picture.

Anonymous said...

A funny and heartwarming story all in one, Roy. Thank you for sharing it with us.

JIM said...

What a wonderful moment to remember,, funny but so great that their still together a really great story..Thanks Roy

melissa said...

It sounds an awful lot of fun Roy...from beginning to end, you got me hooked...a real cowboy story... Oh and what a wonderfully unique love story ;)

tbaoo said...

tremendous stuff roy, memories are what keeps us warm at night, hair or not :)–-6/

Mary said...

Oh, how funny Roy! But I believe you could have had a video presentation for today's moment. Your story certainly ran one through my head :) Loved it!

Finding One's Way said...


Sound like an amazing time : )
Great moment even better than a photo


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