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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

lot of nightmares

WARNING this post may give you nightmares.

I first read this story back in 1968. I carried the news paper clipping in my wallet for many years.  I did a Google search and Bing, could not fine the original news article.  So I guess my memory of it will have to do.  I’m not sure of the date but it was a reprint in our local paper some time in 1968.
The story was about a young couple and their two boy ages 5 and 6 maybe I don’t remember for sure, the boys could have been older. The young family was out enjoying the wilder area around Rick’s or Dick’s cabin in Idaho.

 This picture is close to the one that was in the article.

They had setup their camp in the old cabin rolling out their sleeping bags, for sleeping on the dirt flood of the old cabin.  They went about their day living out a day of the pioneer that built the cabin; they did some fishing, some hunting with a camera, just a fun day playing cowboys and Indians. Doing some prospecting and living out their dreams of the pioneers. Evening came and they sat around the camp fire laughing joking and roasting hotdog and marshmallows. They listen to the sound of the crickets, frogs and maybe heard the owl hoot or a coyote’s howl.

It soon came time for bed, it had been a long day filled fun and adventure.  They retired to the cabin where they had setup their bed rolls, the boys hands a faces were washed and told to get in the sleeping bag. The boys shared one bag.  The boys being boys not settling down to go to sleep, giggling and saying he is pinching me. The dad told them to settle down and get to sleep. It was not long before it got quite and they all slept quietly the rest of the night.

The next morning they got up and build a fire the mother was fixing a Dutch oven biscuits and gravy breakfast.  The boys had not got up, after repeated call for them to get up the dad went in the cabin to wake them. He graded the sleep bag and dumped  them out. The horrors now reveled, the boys were dead and a big diamond back rattler rested on their bodies.

The story is true you can believe it or not I may have some of the details wrong but it did happen. So if you are out this summer and in an area where the wild things are use caution. Check out things you would overlook at home. Pay close attention to your kids they don’t know how to live with the wild things.

Thank you and god bless 


Anonymous said...

damn, that is nightmare level quality. I used to live in upstate NY. I remember tripping on a couple snakes one summer that, while I am sure were not the dangrous variety, made me jum right out of my skin. That is what I remembered reading this. Once again, truth IS stranger than fiction.

Ravenmyth said...

That is definitley scary and even more so knowing it it true...we just have little garden snakes here in B.C. Nothing poisonous..

What are the odds that this could happen!

Alpana Jaiswal said...

This is very scary..We are living a snake infected area,and today I will not sleep.

JIM said...

For awhile years ago I lived in Arizona and had to learn the way of the desert real quick. Just working in the garden became a risk with snakes and black widows.

This is any parents worse nightmare.


S.K.Delph said...


Anna L. Walls said...

Very sad story, but I can see it happening. And there's an equally important reason to never let your boots fall over after taking them off. Scorpions too like nice warm places to hide.

Anna L. Walls said...

I'm glad neither one lives here in Alaska.

charlie nitric said...

Hey Cowboy -

This is very sad and scary as well. Can you imagine the horror that filled mom and dad's eyes as they sorrowfully looked at their dead children? Oh my. :(

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