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Friday, July 15, 2011

Hey another Poe-A-Tree Hop!

Hey another Poe-A-Tree Hop!
Well here we are going again just hopping all over the world.  As you may know the last hop we were looking at the rainbows. Saw some mighty pretty ones two.  But to have a rainbow you need a little rain. So this time, get you a box of Kleenex or a supply of crying towels cause were going to have a down pour of tears causing poem and tear jerking story for you to read. As you dry your eyes please leave a sympathy note in the comments. There a list of blogs that is participating in this hop below the poem and or story.  Have fun and cry your eyes out you will feel better. It good for you, Mikey like it.       

Man has three kinds of tears reflex, continuous and emotional. Reflex tears are the security keeper for our eyes, continuous are the lube job the house keeper of peepers, but emotional tears are the best. I know what you are thinking no body want to cry or be seen crying.  Here are the health benefits of tears
This is a good article on the subject.

Now what make you cry?
Is it a pie in the eye?
A sliver on the pry

Maybe that guy
Or just being shy
Maybe it’s that fly
That crosses your eyes

Why do I cry?
When someone said goodbye
This bring tears to my eye
It’s not rain from the sky

Is it that I kneel?
Because of what I feel
My soul needs to heel
It’s a heavenly appeal

Someone up there
Has heard my prayer
And sent this to share
He waits up there

Long ago he has risen
And john did a baptism
The tear was given
To let us know we are forgiven

When a tear does fall
And finds your lips with grace
It is a taste of love from above
God did bless all with love

A final note: a tear is the blood of the soul that heels the body

Participating blog click on one and make the hop to another puddle of tears.
In no particle order:
Bonnie Parker Gayadeen
Sarah Jane Klemis
 this is one that belongs with these post by Nellieta it just fits the theme

Thank you for stopping by and god bless


SJ said...

Just perfect examples of why we would cry. Love it x

Rachel Hoyt said...

My sympathy goes out to all of you with puffy eyes. It's tough when someone makes you cry! :)

Jessica M said...

I love it Roy, especially the last stanza.

Bongo said...

Tears of pain from a broken heart in a million pieces .. tear are for everything lost and never found..tears hurt...As always...XOXOXO

Nelieta said...

Wow Roy this is exactly how I felt yesterday! Beautiful and very powerful!

sulekkha said...

A tear was given to let us know that we are forgiven, is so true and deep. Roy your poem is beautiful...thanks for sharing

Corinne Rodrigues said...

So many kinds of tears, but the tears when we feel that we're accepted unconditionally are the best.

melissa said...

I love this Roy..everything you wrote actually plus this event. You are heavenly sent. You make poetry out of anything. You are the best!

I truly agree with the tear you have just shared...that love that comes from God and that healing feeling of forgiveness and compassion.


BlogNostics said...

There are so many reasons why people cry. And it's a very fine expression not until one overdoes it. Some people are even paid to cry in funerals. This hop event is a beautiful way of sharing the different tears people have experienced. I'm following your links. Thanks Roy!

Alpana Jaiswal said...

Is what I am going to do today...cry..I love this one Roy..loads and loads of love to you always.

Anna said...

Roy, you have so many beautiful words in your heart. Thank you for sharing. This has taken me through a lifetime <3 <3 <3

fantacy in practicality said...

you brought out the true reasons of why we cry and in what ways we cry. i also loved the philosophical explanation of why we cry.
"When a tear does fall
And finds your lips with grace
It is a taste of love from above
God did bless all with love".
you wrote an awesome poem, roy. i am glad to be a part of the wonderful venture with such a creative person like you:))

Rimly said...

Tears are the most beautiful expression of showing an emotion. We all need to shed tears to express ourselves, whether it is pain or joy and your poem brought this out beautifully Roy. God bless you.

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