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Saturday, July 16, 2011

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Tour Date - Saturday, 16 July
Theme - How to Stay Worry Free
Worry it one of the free thing in life that cost more than it worth. Why do you think they give it away?  because it is useless, well, may be it will get you a cup of coffee a drink or smoke.  People that worry never have fun and are not fun to be around. Now worrying just make you old, fat, and tired, worry ties you down keep you from the joys of this world.  You know the best time to start worrying is when it is all over after you have had your fun. Then you can give it to some poor fool that does not like to have a good laugh.
Worry is like a boat with a hole in it and a Leakey bucket, you work real hard and long to empty the boat that has all ready sank. Worry never got anyone anywhere, people that worry won’t come out and play, there is always a cloud hanging around and they might get wet.  Here is one sure fire way to beat the worry game, and that’s to climb in the saddle of a wild kaiuse and ride.  Now there might be some ups and down, maybe a little sun fishing, fishing is fun, some spinning around, you might fly a bit, but when you hit the ground you be running as fast as your legs will carry you and you won’t be worrying. Ride that pony!
Now I have another way to handle worry and I will sell it to you for the great price of a buck two ninety five, plus shipping and tax , oh and handling, or I will tell you how to make your very own worry free kit.  All you need it a block of hard wood the harder the better. And a nail , one of those little one about a half inch long , that’s  2 cm  for you folks that use that sort of stuff. And a good sixteen ounce hammers. Now then, once you got all the stuff to gather, you put your worries on the block of wood. Then take the little nail and put it between thumb and finger and drive the nail into the block of wood nailing the worries to it. Now you may see there are some other nails there, just hit the one in the middle.  Now you have all your worries pin up and you can get on with life, and don’t worry your thumb will heal, it help you to remember the worries are pin up, in about three days.
Now if these are not for you, you might find something that will help you to be worry free in one of the blog here in the list below.

Leave your order in the comment section below your Worry free kit will ship by boat from china or some place I can find to put them together in about eighteen months or so.
Thank you for your order and don’t worry it will ship. God bless


JANU said...

Hey Roy, nice funny blog.

sulekkha said...

Nailing the worries is a good way of getting rid of them, riding is fun too.Worries belong at the bottom of the sea. Great post Roy, lovely blog tour stop for me and my worries. Will nail them as soon as I get home.

Shelley Workinger said...

Roy - I think you have yourself a marketable product there! Put an X in the center and write in the instructions that users should tape a picture of the source of their frustration on that spot, and I think people everywhere buy it as a gag gift. And I think you can up your price to $5 + S&H. Not kidding.

Sonia Rumzi said...

Sounds like a win win situation. Shelley has a point and you have a good idea there Roy. Do it! Good product. :))

Roy Durham said...

i made one for my sister the hammer in in a box with a unbreakable plex-a-glass cover that reads en case of stress break glass with hammer. the block of wood and nail is inside the case with the hammer. all sealed up.

Brenda said...

I want to be worry free.. I can't take a picture of what is nagging at me but I am going to write it down and then burn that page of paper, maybe it will take away the heavy feeling of uncertainty. Thanks for the idea.

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