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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

lot of thank you

A Thank you Poe-a-tree Poets from Mouse

The Poe-a-tree hop went over pretty good and I think we had a lot of and some great poems. I would like to thank all who participated, and give them a big round of applause for the great poetry they wrote.  It went so well I will host another hop this Friday starting at six PM post time on the fifteenth of July,

Going to shake the tree a bit the next Poe-a-Tree hop this Friday at six pm your time. There is one thing that men do that the other animal don’t, and that is tear animals cry but they don’t have tears rolling down their cheeks. So the theme of the next hop is tears, happy tears, tears of pain, or sad tears, just what does a tear do for us. And yes real men cry real tears.  There is some famous tears “A little bitty tear let me down. Burl Ivies”, “He taught the weeping willow how to cry, cry, cry Johnny cash”, “The little white cloud that cried. Johnny Ray” there is a lot more tears in songs and poems so let’s see just what we can come up with maybe an ode to and onion.
If you want to join the fun with your poetry or a tear jerker story  Sign up at

Now I had some yard work to do. There are honeysuckle and blackberry vines along my back fence. I was out trimming them down, they were almost out of control, I was sitting on a milk stool just whittling and whistling away when a bumble bee join the work detail and this is what transpired.
Just a daffy whittle
Whistle a song
Forgot the words that go along
Wood it be strange to see

A bumble bee sitting on my knee
I think I will be a flee
Honeysuckle is fun to whittle
It twists and turns just a little

Don’t get me wrong
I forgot the words to the song
Now that bee love the honeysuckle more than me
He won’t let me be

So I think I will dance
To the tune he is humming to me
And do the jig to the flight of the bumble bee
Before he stings the heck out of me

Head for the hills mouse there are wasps and bumble bees of every size.

please join us for the next Poe-a-tree hop.

Thank you for stopping by and god bless


Jan said...

GReat post, I loved all the poetry as well. I love the bumble bee on your knee.

Roy Durham said...

so do i but i think he is headed your way lol god bless

Rimly said...

Loved the bit about honesuckle and the bee, or is it a flea. Will join Poe-a-tree hop this time. God bless

Alpana Jaiswal said...

love u

Alpana Jaiswal said...

I will be there also..

Bongo said...

will be in the tear poeteeeee

melissa said...

Thank you little mousie...oh honeysuckle...hahaha...

You always have new inspirations Roy...wonderful. I am always encouraged to join your hop events...including shedding my tears ;)


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