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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

kreativ blogger lot of winners

Thank you Sulekkha the honor and the award of Kreativ-Blogger. My second time to receive this. This is very humbling and I really don’t know what to say but thank you and god bless.

 As to the rules, seven thing about me;  
Well I like to write and blog
And some day I will finish one of my novels.
I fix things like radio, computers, well just about anything that is in need of fixing, Breakfast, lunch, and diner.
Now I can still draw and shoot a target in less than six second hitting the bull’s-eye four out of six shots. I shot my big toe once.
I am pretty fair a throwing a rope. Heck I even rope a steer once or maybe four or five hundred times.
I love the spring time in the Rockies, all the little critters that run and play, and the round up.

That maybe seven thing about me; but here some bloggers that need a little attention as they are Kreativ blogger too.   Please give these blogger some love and support congratulate them  read there blogs and leave a comment to show you like what they write about. God bless

Christopher Jennings Penders

some body doing shooting 
thank you and god bless all come back soon.


Mary said...

WOW Roy! You are racking them up, aren't are doing a great job! Your award selections are super as I am familiar with most of them :) Again, congratulations on your accomplishments!

Roy Durham said...

thank you Mary god bless

Alpana Jaiswal said...

congratulations to u and all the winners.

Pamela said...

Thanks so much Roy! I'm honored =)

Bronzi said...

Congratulations Roy and to the other winners! You deserve it!

melissa said...

Oh you're a real cowboy Roy! I only see these things in the movies. Oh did you have a funeral of the big toe? hahaha...

I 'm familiar with the few links you've shared your award with...I hope to check the others too...


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