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Sunday, July 10, 2011

lot of Poe-A-Tree-hop

Welcome to the Poe-a-tree hop. What is a Poe-A-Tree-hop? Will it is a group of writer of blogs who write poetry and stories.  This hop the theme is “what is your favorite color?” now there are many good writers on the list here at the bottom of this post that have written a poem or story about their color or colors. So if you hop on over to them you will start to see a rainbow of poetry colors, and you know what they say about rainbows, “there is a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.” To start it off here my attempt at what is my favorite color.

It could be that violets are red
And roses are purple and sunflowers are too
Something is wrong with this
These colors are of a different hue

Now I ride all day
My horse gets all the oats and hay
His color is bay now that not right she is also white
The one that tags along is strawberry roan

Of all the colors I have seen
There would be green
And that remind me of beans
Not to be mean to green I hate beans

Of all things I see there is the sky of blue
And if you knew it’s something true
I make my bed under a canopy deep blue
Star of Chrystal bright canvas the night

This all being said
It rattles my head
A color for me in the one I see
When I get a kiss

It is hues of red, blue, green
That makes up the scene
Of heavenly bliss
That makes me smile you a kiss

Thank you and god bless

This one is by Mattias Kroon

The blue field

I like it, I can feel it
Even if you were green from the beginning 
you eventually turned blue
Even if you touched me with other colors
You stayed blue at the end

You are not only white or black
you are making us see what we want
Painted in the sky like a Rembrandt
Hidden by clouds but yet there
When I look at you I get rid of fear

You are a part of my nation together with a fellow
A cousin in the rainbow is following you
The sign of my car was influenced by you
Though you have a limit, I can embrace your art
The blue field is a favorite on my chart

Copyright.Mattias.Kroon his blog is HTTP://

Now that I have addled you for a while why don’t you see if you can find that pot of gold follow the rainbow from here?

Here is the list of participating bloggers

You all come back now and god bless


melissa said...

It is interesting that we could look at the world with different colors and interchange them as with a blue field, violet roses and purple sunflowers. What a lovely world!

Thanks for sharing hues with us Roy. You are truly a wonder!

BlogNostics said...

You are all those colors Roy, symbolizing hope, wisdom, love, purity and simplicity.

Keep these young minds alight. It is a blissful world when colors are shared.

sulekkha said...

Imagine what the world would look like if your colors replaced the original ones. Must be fun riding under the blue sky, admiring the beauty all around. Lovely poem and thank you for the poe-a-tree hop.

fantacy in practicality said...

Roy, you have spread the colors every where, you have made my morning as colorful as a rainbow hue. a wonderful idea of painting painting minds.

ravenmyth said...

I love the use of colour Roy...and you did it proud in your Poem...a pallet to behold... a painting in words...and at the end..blessed with a Kiss....

Rimly said...

I loved that bit about your horse being and also white. Loved your poem Roy. I hate beans too that doesnt mean I hate green!!!

Kriti said...

Roy oh Roy I so wish I could write poetry like you : (. Loved this one immensely.

Alpana Jaiswal said...

You are a sweetheart,and this is pure love from the heart...Thank u Roy,for this wonderful opportunity,I love u always.

SJ said...

You brighten up my world with your words and colour, pleasure to stop by x

Debi said...

This is a wonderful idea..Never written a poem on my color. i think I will try that.

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