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Thursday, August 25, 2011

lot of day dreams

I have been up there in the sky of blue
With billowing clouds of white
The sun shining bright
Sailed across the sea of summer day dreams

A mountain stream meanders across the alpine meadow
Finding bees and flowers enough to write a book
Solitude and peace in every nook
A lion turned to stone

The days of summer dreams has found us all
The leaves chanting for the gold of the sun
Soon they will begin to fall as day dreams sail the mountain stream
Cascading over the waterfall

Do not despair although autumn is in the air
Day dreams are remembered and shared
So put a smile on your face and shed a tear if you must
The mountain does

 Thank you and god bless


Rimly said...

Beautiful Roy and so is the place you describe. Basking in the son and admiring the beauty all around you is what you seem to be doing these days. Loved it.

Jan said...

Lovely Roy, Oh I want to be where you are!My husband drives truck and is in Utah every week. I am jealous! Beautiful words!

Roy Durham said...

Jan the happy face is on Willard peak and can be seen from I 15 as it goes through Willard Utah

melissa said...

Did you take these shots Roy? Your poem has gone deep... I love how it has taken new shape :)

An awesome day dream:)

Roy Durham said...

yes i took the photos and my poem is inspired by these places

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