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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

lot of intrepid foolishness

As I mention some week ago there is something unusual running around northern Utah. I have finally got a good camera and went looking for it. this is not what is suppose to be running in around a farmer pasture, but it's there as big as life maybe too big. Well I found it and went to documenting the critter with my new camera.  this first shot i was , well thirty feet away and it is not clear just what the heck it is. the grass looks good though. I wanted a good picture so I could show you all some of the strange things we have around here.

I have been face to face with grizzly bears, wolves, and rattle snakes, but a two ton black rhino. Now that is a first for me. Anyway I worked my way closer with my courage at the ready to run for the hills. I don’t know much about those critters just what I seen in the movies like john Wayne in Hatari and a few National Geographic documentary’s. All it needs to do was twitch an ear and I am gone. A camera is not a colt or a sharps buffalo gun, I think I would more conformable with a LARS rocket, than a camera. Well I work in closer just for you my readers so you could see this magnificent animal.

I am not a short horn herford

who are you

you have got my attention

get out of here


Now that you have seen what I saw. I guess I had better tell you the rest of the story. This is a carving of a life size rhino made by a local chainsaw artist. He has it setting off the road about forty feet in a cow pasture. It is made of a cottonwood log and if you ask me it a bit to real looking.

Thank you for stopping by and thank god that thing is not real or alive just walking up to take the pictures i was scared that it was real and i had better run. but it is good to face your fears once in a while . God bless


JIM said...

lol You had me guessing Is the artist leaving it there??? Seems like a strange place to leave it ... would love to see what any wildlife would react. You had me till the third image. Some nice shoots that hid what it really is

cath said...

I thought it was the weirdest rhino I had ever seen! :D

Good post!

Jessica M said...

lol At first I thought it was real and was amazed at how close you got to it! Perhaps you are a rhino whisperer and didn't know it?!?! That's a great carving! Very real looking!

ravenmyth said...

Good one Roy...I thought maybe he had escaped from a zoo..then figured it out..great photo's and a good story. They can be scary nasty critters....but this one looks nice and safe tucked away in the grass...makes a great bird perch..

Debbie said...

lol, I kept thinking ... What is Roy up too? There's no way he'd be that close and where can you find those unless you're at a zoo, and that doesn't look like a zoo... hehe I continue to read knowing you'd fill us in :) Great post Roy!! Nice pictures with your new camera :)

Jan said...

Great Post, very nice pictures, I was very curious as to what and where this was, great narration.

Anna L. Walls said...

That is one awesome carving. We had a guy out here who would do things like that, though never a rino. And then he offed himself. idiot. such talent wasted.

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