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Sunday, August 7, 2011

lot of missing

Welcome and Howdy!
Of late it may seem that I have been missing, it’s all Mouse’s fault, but I have had a lot to do. Turning sixty five and make adjustment to the way I have to do things, taking care of some medical issue that is now covered by Medicare plan. For one I now hear in stereo and well with two new hearing aids. Outside of the finical work of paying bills, there this problem of chasing rainbows. I mean that darn trout fever can get a man out there in the coldest wildest water, like an old hungry Bear. When there is making sure they grand kids know how to have fun in the wilderness.   So with this in mind sorry but, I have had a lot to do the past three weeks. So now that I have taken care of some of the task that has been put on my plate, I will try to get back to writing on my blog.

Here some of the things that I have been looking at and will be writing about, Value, Quality, Love. Faith, Hope. The first thing is “Value”, what is value? From the dictionary “the adequate or satisfactory return on or recompense for something” well that is more than a mouthful of beans. All men, that include you ladies, have something of Value, that you, they were born with it. I have seen it and have I tried to give it away. That doesn’t work out very good at times. It can be sold for a price, but if it is of real value it is priceless and there is not enough money in the world to buy it. It does build value the longer it is kept, but has no value if it is not kept.  A bank may lend you money for it but they want you to keep it. The rich seek value and try as they will to buy it, and the poor that is all that they have.  Now there are men of letters and some day they may learn to spell.  Well there are men of their words. And those men are the value lived.  So if you want value in your life you must keep and honor the words you give.

Reviewing some of the event of the past weeks I have add a badge to the blog so now you can add the badge to your blog to show you have been here and well I don’t have any T shirts yet  maybe sometime the down the road I will.  I have been very honored with another award. And I feel quite highly honored to have been given this award, Brilliant Writers award.  I would like to thank the published author for this pier recognition. Please visit her blog and read or buy some of her books.

Deirdra Eden-Coppel of said...
WOW!!!!You have a fabulous blog! I want to award you the Brilliant Writer Blog Award for all the hard work you do!”

Well for now I have more of those to do things on the list, and it is getting shorter, I think.  By the way, a limit of four, two pound eighteen inch rainbows, pictures to follow, I hope will have my trout fever in remission.  Ah maybe not.  

Thank you and please God bless all.



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Debbie said...

Roy, we have missed your stories. But tending to those things you've put on the back burner is important. It's good to hear that you're taking some time to take care of "Roy".

Value, Quality, Love. Faith, Hope - are great writing prompts. Your thoughts on value, shows how you value, and expect honesty in words being offered to you.

I love your badge I'll be adding it shortly to my blog.

Congratulations on your award.... Deirdra really hit the nail on the head with this award! Indeed true you are a brilliant writer!!

Have a great Sunday Roy!

JIM said...

Hey Roy Great and award!!! Enjoy yourself Roy we will be here when you get back into it. WE all know this is not our life just a part of it!!! Although we do miss you. My last post had some fishing in it lol

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