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Friday, August 12, 2011

lot of party

A Friday monent
stag party

thank you and god bless


Nelieta said...

That looks like one great stag party Roy!

My moment:

Bongo said...

wayyyyyy cooollllll... As always....XOXOXOXOX

Anna L. Walls said...

Ooh what are those flowers?

Jan said...

Love these pictures. Look at those antlers!!!

Her is mine:

Corinne Rodrigues said...

Weren't the butterflies invited to the stag party? Lovely pictures, Roy!

Alpana Jaiswal said... be close to nature..

Savira Gupta said...

Stags and butterflies... What more can one ask for!

Bec Owen said...

Stag party...I love it! Lovely pic, Roy :)

Jessica M said...

You are surrounded by such beautiful wildlife! Loved your moments.

My moment:

Debra said...

Gotta love those party animals!

sulekkha said...

Lovely pictures, lucky to be in such a place .

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