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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

lot of tall tails

Howdy; and the top of the morning to you, have you had your coffee yet?  I am seeing better today and my vision is improving hourly.

You know out here in the Wild West there some tall stories of things bigger than life.  Up in the North Country there are the stories of Paul Bunyan and Babe the blue ox and down there in Texas there are the stories of Pecos bill. There the tails of that strawberry rone and many other critters that stir the imaginanation of the young and old. Here in Utah there was the mammoth grizzle known as old Ephraim.  Now he was a real bear, and when it comes to tall stores there needs to be some bit of truth to make the story believable.  Around the camp fires and in the saloon and barber shops the stories of outlaws, heroes and villains still run wild. Tails of big foot or Sasquatch, Billy the kid, Black Bart, Jessie James, Wild bill Hickok, Wyatt Earp, Butch and Sundance just to name a few.

 There one critter you don’t hear a lot about is a feared bull of the woods, the orneriest, meanest, wiliest critter that every walk God’s green earth. Cowboys all know about this aspersion on the devil, many have tried to rope and brand this critter and came up lame of dead.  Now some say that his mama was a Mexican fighting bull, now you figure that one out. His hide is made of brim stone and his horns are as big as trees. No rope will hold him. Up in the mountains he hides out in the thickest hawthorn thicket down south he makes the mesquite brush his home.  Some say that he chased and dragged Pecos Bill all the way from Wyoming to the Gulf of California that how we got the Grand Canyon, Bill had got a rope on him, and Bill was riding that strawberry rone. The dirt was a flying that darn critter would stick a horn in the ground and Bill and that rone would plow the hills tiring to hold on to him.  He is a Texas long horn outlaw known as a maverick; no one has given him a name or put a brand on him.  So if you happen to be out in the wilds and run across this critter just get out of his way he is nothing you want to tangle with.

Mouse and I are going up to the high country and we will be watching out for him. It’s the fall round up and we will be bringing back some stock for the big doings on Saturday. There is a rumor that there will be a famous crooner there.  It’s going to be quite a shindig.

Thank you and God Bless


Anna said...

That was a great post Roy and brought a smile to my face. What an interesting tale and the 'critter' doesn't look like anything I would want to mess with.
Hope you enjoy your trip to the 'high country' and enjoy the mountain air!

Jan said...

Great post, I really enjoyed tall tale, I grew up with many of those my self her in the northwest.

Debra said...

Howdy Roy! You are in your element here with the tall tales ;-)
Glad to hear you’re improving!
Love and prayers my cowboy, railroader pal!

EstherBelle said...

Loved your tall tale, and so glad you are seeing better hourly! There is always a kernel of truth in any myth, dont you think? I look at my self and my son,heads taller than all of our friends and family and I see the basis for any myth about giants.

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