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Monday, September 19, 2011

lot of dreams

You know growing up I had a lot of dreams. Looking back I see a lot of them have come to pass. When I was little I dreamed of flying a plane, of being a builder of homes, I dreamed of being a great scientist, I dreamed of writing a great book.  Heck I dreamed of being a great cowboy.  There is one dream I had as a child and that was finding some to love that love me back and we would have a family. Yep, gals, we boys do dream of that. Now coming up the first my gal and I will be celebrating our 45th year together, so dreams do come true.

Life is like an amusement park with all its rides and games, you dream of all the fun and surprises, and maybe the prizes you will bring home.  All the fun food, cotton candy, popcorn, soda pop, ice cream,  hot dogs, pizza, and then the rides that make wish you had not ate all that, like the roller coaster , the tilt-a-whirl, or be scared out of your cotton candy mine in the house of horrors,  fun right.  Then there is the fun house and house of mirrors where you are tumbled or you see what you look like from alien’s point of view. Well maybe the Tunnel-of-Love with the scary things that make you hugs and maybe get a kiss.

Here is the question what amusement park ride best depicts a dream you had growing up and did you win the prize?

life is fun think you and god bless


Debbie said...

Happy 45th. Anniversary!(soon)
Enjoyed the post, I would have to say I can't pick out just one ride.

Roller Coaster - Because life is a ride with all the ups and downs.

Haunted House - because there has been plenty to be scared and worried of.

Fun House - because in between the ups and downs, the scary parts, there has been a ton of fun.

JANU said...

Happy Anniversary Roy...
I like the Roller coaster as i feel life is like a big roller coaster...keeping us on the edge.

Anonymous said...

That's sweet Roy. I would say a merry-go-round. The wonders of my childhood, because of the animals and colors, but the ups and downs my life has brought me.


Jan said...

Happy Anniversary, I hope your day is wonderful as your marriage has been.

My dreams were of having children, a good man, and a security of love. Took a long time to find the last one, but I got there. Tilt a whirl is my ride, swinging up, down all the while going in double circles, knowing that I control at least part of that.

Bongo said...

Happy Anniversary...Unfortunately I can think of an rides..I was one of those chickens that didn't go on and..just watching some I would get ill...LOL As always....XOXOXOXOXO

Ame said...

I don't really think of the rides, but all of those carnival games. Remember the little ducks that had a number on the bottom? No matter which one you chose, you were a winner! That's what my life has been like. I may have won a small prize most of the time, but when I tried again, sometimes I just won the huge prize. And the cool thing is - you can always keep trying! Love it! :-)

Martha J. M. Orlando said...

Happy Anniversary! Forty-five years is certainly an accomplishment!
Can't think of a ride that describes my dreams as a child, but for my life now, I'd have to say the Log Ride (in the water); I'm going with the flow!


Larry Lewis said...

Happy anniversary. Its wonderful to see a marriage that lasts, its a shame nowadays so many don't. I used to love the coconut shy, but nowadays i'm better at helping people keep there heads on their shoulders then i ever was at moving those cocunuts.

EstherBelle said...

45 years, congratulations!! I think my life has always been a roller coaster, lots of low spots, but oh my the view from the high points just can't be beat!!!

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