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Saturday, September 17, 2011

lot of horse show and sale

Welcome to The Spiltmilk Ranch horse show and sale!

Howdy, as you may know Mouse and I have been up in the high country for the fall roundup. We had a good time chasing those cows out of the pines. Now Mouse headed this darn critter out of a thicket, and I keep telling him that it is not that long horn maverick they talk about. It does not have horns and it is not a Herford. It may be a cow of the moose verity; anyway it will be having twin in about three or four weeks, I think.

I still say that is that long horn maverick, it’s wearing a disguise. Now we ran across some real special critters up there and we round up a bunch just for you. They are a rare fined. We have worked all the kinks out of them and tame them to ride. There not green broke, they are well gentled and tamed, but before we get to them we found this cowboy up there, who does a good job of singing at lease the cow love him. So without a lot of gab from me here is Hank.
                                                              This is my first video

Hey! Folks what we have here is a heard of Rocky Mountain Rocking Horses. I found a heard up there in the meadow of rainbows and dreams, so I rounded up a bunch. These are the sweetest ponies you ever saw. I had quite a time getting all the cockleburs out of them but they are gentle rides.  They all have been shoed and saddle broke. They will go anywhere; they can go for days without water or food and still give you a good ride.

Just hold on their Mouse, you know that ain’t true. The Misses made them and they are crib size (measured 51 inches by 44 inches) Rocky Mountain Rocking Horse Quilts. You can go out there and ride fence the rest of the day.

Sorry folks Mouse gets a little carried away some times, but we do have these wonderful Quilts for sale. The first one that I will show you, if I can get some cooperation out of Mouse, is stars and stripes. This one was sired or inspired by Paul Revere and Betty Ross. There is a rumor that it a direct descendant of the horse Paul Revere rode.

The top

finished Quilt 

the back is flannel and the words "joy" "peace" and "love"

These Quilts are all hand Quilted, top and back are 100% cotton, the batting that is the stuff in the middle is 100% polyester.  The stitching is 100% love. The back on this one is cotton flannel. The weight of the quilt is one pound each. We are selling these Quilts for $ 65.00 USD plus shipping. In the US the US postal flat rate is $10.95 so the total price is $ 75.95 USD. We will ship overseas but the shipping is $47.00 USD, shipping to Candia and Mexico is $27.00 USD. There is about 80 hours work in making one. If you would like to put one to gather that is quilt one, we will sell the top for $ 35.00 plus shipping it cost less to mail.

I will be posting more quilt tops today and the ordering information. This one is ready to ship and it can be in your hands in about a week. You don't need to have a baby in the house these Quilts works great to curl up with in your easy char and read a book , something by Louis L'Amour.

Here some more rocking horses quilt tops

Apache love

aspen bandit


little Rose

If you would like to have one of these quilts email me at or message me on Facebook. if you don't see one to your liking well we will be happy to make one you will like. it take about two week to put one together and a week to ship, well that what they tell me to say at the post office.

So for now thank you I hope you have had fun here and god bless.



Alfandi said...

I love those hand made quilts..they last longer..

Jan said...

Lovely, and I love your description. Will see what I can do.

Bongo said...

Cute singin bear..Congrats on your first video!!!! the quilt is pretty....As always..XOXOXO

Debbie said...

Video looks great Roy glad you got it working... Quilting is so much fun .. I love those quilts ... good ol country look ..

Thanks for sharing

Anna L. Walls said...

Cute quilts. I like the red, white, and blue one best haha

And moose drop their calves sometime in like May. This one looks like it might be triplets. haha

JANU said...

The quilts look great....:)

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