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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

lot of ladies from the sky

Off to a late start today as far as blogging goes, had to go to the eye doctor for a post surgery checkup. All checks good now I have 20-20 vision in my left eye. And in three weeks I will be seeing good without glasses.

Now we have some guest in town for a couple of days, some real fine ladies that make my heart sing.  So I went out to the airport to meet them. There is many side to this old cowpoke as you know, but walking in to that terminal it took me back some fifty years to a time when I spent every moment I could here just watching the planes takeoff and land.  You may think it strange for a cowboy to be fond of aircraft, but there was Sky King and my uncle who used to wash plane at the Grand Island airport back when I was little and going with my granddad and uncle Joe to get the railroad mail from the plane. 

I walk thru the lobby to the concourses and the out to the tarmac; I knew what I would see before I got thru the terminal I had been here before.  They would be all deck out in their finest, and waiting to pull at my heart strings.

These ladies from the sky one “Maid in the shade” and “Sentimental Journey” are warbirds of the WWII, the B-25 Mitchell and the B-17 Flying Fortress- Liberator.  These two are special as they are of the few remaining flying of their kind, and they are fully operational, guns and all. Last June the Liberty Bell a B-17 crashed and burned in Illinois now there is only four left that can be flown.  These ladies are from the Commemorative Air force wing, flying museum, base in Mesa Arizona.

Here they are enjoy I hope as I do.

Here is a Friday moment that could not wait for Friday. The pilots just happen to be an old friend and it is ok but he would not let me have the key. Well I will log sixty eight year at the control second seat in a B-25 in my log book.

Thank you for flying with me and God Bless.  “CLEAR!  Contact!”  If he would only let me have the key.


Lily Brenner said...

Pefectly awesome aircrafts! What a sight they are and how sad so few left. I remember watching so many war movies with all these grand airplanes.
Some of the new ones look like alien space crafts. :) I know they do us a great service also.

Jan said...

Whaat grand machines they always were and are, And don't you look terrific in that co-pilot seat. Thank you for sharing these.

Martha J. M. Orlando said...

Such elegant aircraft! Loved the photo of you in the cockpit - priceless!

So glad to hear about your eyes getting better. What a blessing!

Thanks for posting these delightful pics, Roy!

Jan said...

I left something for you on my photo blog young man. Thank you for the smiles and blessings you always share.

Alfandi said...

wow..and they are still in a pristine condition..

Jim said...

Good to see the B25's still flying. They were used on the Doolittle bombing raid on Tokyo I think. Is that right Roy?

Roy Durham said...

to Jim that's what the history books say. Alfani it took 26 years and one million eight hundred thousand dollars to put her back in the shape there in. Jan thank you and god bless. Martha if he would have let me fire her up that would have been great, but siting there was a thrill of a life time. lily they are a thing of beauty and they did serve.

Anna L. Walls said...

Awesome. The movies just don't do them justice. Now I know what the gunner pods actually look like.

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