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Thursday, September 29, 2011

lot of poetry

 Here is a fun challenge, from the list take as many words as you would like and write a poem. You must use at least three words from the list more if you can, and share your links to your post.
Here is the list:

May the best poet grin leave a comment and your link if you are up to the challenge?

My try!

Enter Password? _ _ _ _ *****
Input error press anykey?
Ctrl /alt /delete to enter setup?
Who wrote this software?

Garbage in garbage out is what you get
Server router pixel threads file cards
What this all about?
That is not a correct input?

On off off off on on on off
On on on on off off off off
On off on off on off on off
A pixel thread I dread

 Well if you would like to read more then take a look at what Pamela Roscoe wrote I think you will like it.
Here is Janu poem

 Now I mention the friend of Mouse and mine Hank the cowdog ,he is the head of ranch security over at the M-cross ranch, the other day over at blogplicity and I hope to get an interview with him. Here is a couple of video of the author of hank the cowdog. Warning!! Be prepared to laugh your head off.

 Now if you like Hank you can find him here at Roy’s beep at the bottom of this page at Amazon some story can be down loaded for free.  I will have more on the author john Erickson in another post somewhere down the road.

 Here my pick for today:

Thank you for coming by and give the fine folks a look see. God bless.


JANU said...

Nicely penned poem Roy. I tried to create a link to my post...did not happen. Posting my link-
Thank you.

Larry Lewis said...

Now if you want a good laugh, let me write you a poem. Nooooooooooo. Wouldn't do that to you. We each have our god given talents, he chose not to provide me with the poetic type.

Roy Durham said...

i don't know about that you mite surprise your self

Jan said...

I'm with Larry on this one. Not a petic girl. I loved this post the Hank the Cowdog is great. I laughed and laughed.
Thank you for posting these.

Roy Durham said...

your are welcome Jan but i bet you can if you give it a try

Rachel Hoyt said...

Thanks for including my poem in your picks of the day, Roy! Sorry I haven't been able to visit much or participate in the prompts. :(

Roy Durham said...

that is OK Rachel we all have thing we have to do, i just have a lot of spare time be retired
but have fun and a laugh here and god bless

Anonymous said...

Okay, this is take two. Hope it works! I had a lot of fun with the poetry blog hop! Looking forward to doing so once more! xo

Roy Durham said...

thank you Pam for your poem. i will have another next Thursday and you are more than welcome to join in god bless

Jessica M said...

You are always full of great ideas! I enjoyed reading your poem : )And great blog picks!

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