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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Lot of special guest

I would like to welcome a long time follower and friend Sulekha Rawat. She has written a wonderful poem I would like to share with you. here lucks

My poem

You came along

I had lost the will to live,
Until you came along.
Riding on a white horse.
My knight in shining Armor.

You stirred my dormant feelings,
aroused me from,
the slumber of desolation.
Opened my eyes,
to the wonderful world,
and made me,
see the beauty of life.

I had packed my bags,
and was ready to go,
You stopped me from leaving.
You stood in my way.
You wouldn’t let me leave.
You wouldn’t let me go.

I opened my eyes,
and looked at you.
My heart abandoned me,
and rushed towards you.

Before I change my mind,
I need to know, is it pity?
Sympathy? Charity?
Why don’t you want me to go?
I don’t need any of those things.
What I want is your soul.
Is it asking for too much?

If you can promise me this,
I will stay back happily, if not,
don’t worry, I won’t go away.
Will be here, thinking of you,
Wishing you were here.
Will go through,
the motions of living,
Until my dying day.

Lucks aka Sulekha

You read more of Sulekhs’s poems and stories at her web site

Thank you and God bless all


Jan said...

Great post. I understand those emotions so well.

Rimly said...

Beautiful Sulekha. Is it too much to ask for love? Loved it

sulekkha said...

Roy, thank you for the kind words and for giving me the honor of being on your blog.Get well soon n god bless.

Jim said...

Good to read this here Sulekkha and Roy!

Leah Griffith said...

Lovely Poem, with so much emotion. Thank you for sharing it with us.

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