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Sunday, September 11, 2011

A lot to remember

December 7 1941, August 6 1945, November 22 1963, January 26 1986, December 21 1988, September 11 2001 ( this is hyper linked to a post on 9/11), December 26 2004, September 11 2008, March 11 2011, these dates live in infamy there more that I could add to the list. I was not alive in 1941 but somehow I can still hear the planes, the bombs going off, the rattling of the machine guns, the screams of the wounded. There was someone there that is not now; I feel the loss of someone missing. I can smell the smoke feel the heat of the fires. In 1945 I heard the blast and the unearthly silence that followed. I felt the question what had just happened. But how could I, I was not born yet. 1963 I was stand on the corner of Grant and 24th street Ogden Utah when some came running by crying and saying they had shot Mister Kennedy the president. I ran the half mile to home and watched the whole event on TV.   I remember thinking how could this happen, who would do such a thing and why god would let this happen.

Today September 11 2011 ten years ago I felt and remembered all the dates of the pasted; All the same feeling of disbelief, the same questions. As you read these dates do you remember what happened on them?  Of all the things we feel , remember, the questions we ask, the one thing that is the hardest to do is forgive and do it from the hart. For most of the christen population and many other religions this phrase “forgive us our sins as we forgive those that have sin against us”. Can you do it?  If I could list all these blood stained dates and list all who died, how many would there be?  When I remember these dates I pray that god will help find a way to forgive us.  And find those who died forgiven, I hope that someone can, and that we all will.

Thank you and god bless


Debbie said...

Roy so many dates... many I don't remember (before I was born) I agree with some of what you wrote.. It's hard to forgive... but we do (to a point)

I was teaching my preschool class a song that morning "He's Got the Whole World in His Hands"

Later I sat thinking with a little doubt... 'where were his hands that day' I later found closure in that question (i think)

Your post was much different than what I've stumbled on today.. In a different light in deed.

Thanks for sharing

Jan said...

Wonderful post, so true, all that you said.

JIM said...

Excellent Roy really well spoken. I am your age and remember asking those same questions with JFK, RFK and Martin. I still don't like the answers I hear back!!!

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