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Saturday, September 24, 2011

lot of posts

This is a behind the scene look at spiltmilk ranch 

Howdy; Mouse and I were out there in the north pasture and we were looking at the fence. We notice that we need more posts. So we got in to a discussion about post how long they should be. Now mouse said that they should be long enough, and I said that how long is that.

Well this is not about fence posts. It’s about blog posts and how long a post should be. The answer is it depends on the type of blog and what you want to do. If you are just blogging to blog then make them as long as you want. However if you are trying to build a following and maybe a business, you should address this a bit.  I read a blog post the other day that took darn near three hours to read it was good and a bit technical with a lot of big words that you don’t run into in everyday conversation.

In radio, TV, broadcasting they budget the air time very closely.  TV and radio programming has program our attention spam to about fifteen minutes with three minutes of commercials in each segment. So how fast do you or the average person read? I have had some training about this and did some study on it. The good average for a post is about three hundred fifty words. The content is the first thing you should look at and pay attention too. Big words that are not common in everyday language should not be used. People won’t run and grab a dictionary to figure out what heck you are talking about. And if you make a habit of writing with big words and long post they won’t be back.

Ok, now I am launching something new here with this post. I am adding to the end of my post the top three blog post I have read for the day. This does not mean they are adhering to any of the forgoing info, but they are posts I found interesting.  So here are my picks for today: In no particular order:

Thank you and God bless


Debi said...

Hi Roy, It has been awhile because I have been trying to get a home business going. Making a little money on mlm's. I really enjoy this blog. I guess you mean me when you say about limiting words. ouch..I am very wordy. lol That is one reason I an taking them apart. You know part 1 part 2 etc...

Roy Durham said...

debi no i was not talk about you just a blog post i was ask to review. it was very long. if you broke it up into 350 word posts and posted them daily you it would take a month to post the all.

Martha J. M. Orlando said...

Great advice, Roy! Thanks for sharing with us.

Tameka said...

Roy I love your writing voice. I always smile reading your posts! Sometimes my posts run a little long, but I try to break them up with visuals. Thanks for the tips and reminders. :-)

Rimly said...

Hi Roy great to have you back. I havent been around much lately either. You are being polite about long posts that go on and on. I honestly dont have the patience if you ask me.

Ravenmyth said...

It is good to be back on your blog again Roy...finally home after lots of travel this summer and I have lots of catching up to do. I know I am very my speach and my writing. Like Tameka I like to break my posts up with Visuals...I know I go over 350 words..but for me it is all about the blogging and the subject. If it helps someone in anyway ...that is a bonus. Thanks for sharing your wisdom with us Roy...great idea on the Blog Reading..there are so many good blogs and so little time. Always...(Love your Button, I am going to plant it on Ravenmyth...)

Corinne Rodrigues said...

This is sweet Roy. Thank you. I love your pictures of your blogging space...Our very own cowboy blogger. Love and hugs..

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