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Thursday, September 22, 2011

lot of cold

where is that Mouse

It’s been some time since it happened, it was so long ago that nobody knows when or where or who did it, but we can’t live without it today, and that is fire. Man is the only animal that uses fire, all the rest run from it. We use it to cook, warm our selves, it powers our life. The car we drive uses fire. Even this modern communication of the internet is powered by fire at some point in the system.  We went into space using fire.  We need fire.

The days are getting shorter and the morning are getting cooler, so I am looking at building a fire in the fireplace in the morning just to get the chill off the morning air. You know we even get all fired up to have a fire.  Now do we call the fire department to get a fire going in the fireplace or do you call city hall to get a building permit? What happen to the sun did someone put some water on it or what? Now I don’t want to alarm anybody, but is getting colder. The leaves are turning all different colors trying to tell us it time to build a fire, its cold out there. 

Those poor leaves are dying it so cold. Hey Mouse where did you put them long johns? Darn this floor is cold. We need a fire. Maybe two pair of socks will help.

Coffee helps, but it time to build a fire. Yaw; know I think it’s all Mouse’s fault. He did not fill the sun with more coal oil or something. Mouse what do you mean I did not chop the fire wood that’s what you are paid to do, dog gone it, WE need a FIRE!

Guess what its fall, and time to rake the leaves and do the planting for next spring. Can the vegetables, no beans, and make ready for the winter and snow. Burr its cold. We need a fire.

 Well thank you for stopping by and I am sorry about the cold, but we will build a fire thank you and God Bless.

 Let me see now, go to the dentist and get a video of the B-17 flying and chop the fire wood. That makes up the day. See you God bless


Jessica M said...

I've always appreciated a nice fire...whether in a fireplace or outside at a nice bonfire. I love watching the flames flicker, all the different shades and hues of red..even blue, etc. It's heat warming the skin and toasting the smores! :)

Mary said...

Roy, I love it when the coolness begins to creep into the end of summer and the fireplace screams to be lit up again. This is a favorite time of year for me as I know it is leading into Christmas, which is my best Holiday :) This is a wonderful post Roy and you better get Mouse on chopping wood. Sounds like you're going to need it!

Tameka said...

I loved this tribute to fire. Even though it should be handled with care, it is a positive thing which brings us a lot of joy. Only when it's misused or abused it can and will destroy. That is true about a lot of things. Nice post Roy. Hope you're back to your good health.

Alpana Jaiswal said...

Thanks a lot Roy for writing something so different and fresh,loved it.

Larry Lewis said...

To me one of the most wonderful parts of winter is turning on our fireplace. Such a warming, wonderful glow. Lying on the rug, with my child in my arms, or watching my dog curl up infront of it. I won't try and think of my courtships in front of the fire, i may get all hot and bothered.

Jan said...

wonderful post. Fire is my friend too!

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