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Saturday, October 29, 2011

lot likawantta

“Likawantta” (Like-a-want-ta).  Some years ago well many years ago, actually about sixty, there was man on the radio station we listen to, he called himself Lynn Allen on the radio.  A cowboy sort of fellar he rode in the local pioneer day’s parade on a paint horse. He was great with the public and love kids. He had a baritone voice unique; you knew who was talking at one syllable no introduction needed. At the rodeo grounds he was fielding questions showing off his horse, I had ask what his horse’s name was, to wit he said “Likawantta”. It was years later that I was working at the radio station with Lynn we were talk about that. He laughs and told me the horse in question was not his but he wanted it, and did buy it later on. So the name he came up and later named with at the time to answer us eager kids gather round was “like I want a”- “that horse.” The “that horse” was not said.

You know we all like and dislike, people, places, and thing. It funny how we start out at a young age disliking stuff. Green beans, spinach, girls, boys, work well you name it. We are quick about it, faster than a gun slinger. We have to take time to learn to like. A trip to the candy or the toy store fix’s that in less than a heartbeat, we like everything, no thinking about it we like it.

Out there on the social net work we see the Like buttons and very few dislike buttons. If you see something you can like or not and that is good from my point of view, well maybe.
Some time I see a comment that I don’t like to hear about but I do like the fact the messenger share it and or the messenger. The fact I can like or not click like is something I am prudent about, and pause to think about what I am saying with a like.

I would like to hear what you think.  Are you a kid in a candy store or a two year old with a bowl of pureed green beans? I still dislike that stuff. Thank you in advance for your comments and likes. May God bless with no dislike or green beans. God bless.


Andy said...

Hello Roy.
Happy Saturday!

There are many things from my boyhood that I still don't like today...cod liver oil is top of the list! I remember how I used to fuss & fight to drink that stuff. Just the thought of it now makes me shiver...yuck!

It's nice that we have the choice to like or dislike something. Whenever I write comments on other people's blogs, I always try to be pleasant & not say anything I wouldn't want to hear myself. I've been on the end of some harsh critique, which went beyond attacking my work to an attack on me personally. Not good.

This was certainly a fun & interesting post that I'm sure many of us can relate to.

Thanks for sharing, my friend & thanks also for your visits & comments. I truly appreciate them.
Enjoy the rest of the weekend!

The Beautiful Winds Of India

Bongo said...

I like and dislike..but I am quiet about wants and not wants...As always...XOXOXOXO

Jessica M said...

I used to hate tomatos as a I love them!

Great post :)

Ravenmyth said...

I love food...but I do not like Peas and Liver...never did. I am ok with Raw Peas. Now Liver, no...that is another not like.

On FB...I think about hitting the like button...sometimes you just need to comment, but not like...especially if it is a sad story...I do not like sad stories...I just want to fix and solve the outcome...great post Roy...more food for pun inteneded...

Alpana Jaiswal said...

Most of the things I didn't like as a child,I still don't...and sometimes it takes a lot of effort for me to even pretend to like something I don't...which causes a few problems to me.
Good post Roy.

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