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Thursday, October 6, 2011

lot of challenge

New challenge for Thursday.  Well we need more poems, so here is the challenge “there are spirits here ghost and goblin, dancing leaves, hay bales and pumpkin, corn fields, apple cider and spiders, bobbing for apples…” what is your ghastly ghost poem or a harvest party rhyme?  

A witch’s brew of word that tingle your mind and scrum your spine, “ The fall of leafs, The dreaded rake of the yard, Bedtime story for a grizzly Bear, Lizard tail eye of newt, Cobweb stew, The skeleton in the closet.” Do you dare pin the tail on the dragon?

There is my try:

The forest deep the owl does sleep
A caldron boils of sulfur and pitch
Cobweb lace shaggy moss veil weeps
Cracklin schemas a blacken witch

Tail of lizard just an inch
Eye of newt that will suit
Hair of dog tongue of frog
Claw of scorpion just a pinch

October yellowed moon
A wolf lonesome tune
Foggy mist creeps
Owl takes a peek

Orange gourd ghoulish grim
Foliage shed colors fall from their head
Ghastly aspirations leave their bed
 Who who wakes the hour owl sleep

A bell chimes doors creek
Cheerful sounds fill the dark of the street
Stumble and mumble search for something sweet
Trick or treat

Here are the brave souls the step up to the challenge:

 I will update the list as I get the links. You can post your ghost story or pics or poem and let me know the link and I will add your post.

My picks for read today:

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Thank you for coming by hope you had fun. God Bless


JANU said...

Nice poem Roy....

Lily Brenner said...

You have a very creative mind Roy along with being an excellent photographer, maybe the two go hand in hand. :) Enjoyed your poem.

Anonymous said...

Pretty insightful. Thanks!

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Leah Griffith said...

This is a great poem Roy!! It made me think of everything Halloween. I miss being a kid;)

Martha J. M. Orlando said...

Cute poem, Roy, and darling photo of the little "goblins" :)


sulekkha said...

Roy, your poem tells a childhood story and makes me smile.Btw, what about your christmas story book?:)

Jan said...

cute poem, very Halloween,loved it.

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