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Saturday, October 22, 2011

lot of great posts

This past week I have read some blog post that have rang the bell with me.  At least they gave me pause to wonder and think more on their subjects.  I will start with the post of Linda Lee’s not that was the first only because it was the last one I found when I went looking for the posts this morning.

“For kid’s sake!”  Having a child and being a parent is the most miraculous and wonderful thing that has been part of my life.   There are many books and theory’s on raising a child. Most of them are well thought out, but the one I found to be the best is the bible.  It could be any religious teaching from Buda to Islam to Hindu for me it was Christianity so it is the bible for me. Raising a child to be a good person and a responsible member of society is no easy task. A parent has to raise themselves and the child.  In all of Linda’s post I found only one point that I disagree with and only to a point, and that is on spanking. I was spank as a child and it did hurt but only for a moment.  There a great many and far more then will admit it that has been spank as a child.  The idea that it will make a violent child holds as much water as the point of a needle. On the contrary Mother Teresa, the pope and quite a few saints and Christ and some very successful people that we honor like Tomas Edison, Albert Einstein, and Gorge Washington received more than one or two growing up. It is how and when it is use to correct a bad behavior. A toddler striking a sibling is one place, that a well placed hand to rear of the problem is the best solution; but never when you are burned by the heat of the moment.  What do you think??

Next there is the post of Larry Lewis  one-hot-guy.  Honest, honestly you can’t beat it for what is does for your life and living.  Open, openness being open is the way to learn to discover the world we live in to love and be loved.  Transparent being transparent let in the light and the love.  There is said to be a window to our soul if you hang up a curtain you block the light. You can’t see love and you can’t be seen to love.  Curtains of deceit, and lies, blocks the lights and the warmth of the world, a broken heart cannot be repaired with curtains.  HOT get hot, be hot, the hotter the better.

 The last is the best post I have read in sometime.  by Jessica Mokrzycki  it is the most intelligent interview I think I have read in quite some time. Both her and her guest did a very good job. All too often I have seen religious intolerance here in this land of religious freedom and by christen against christen.  To see that understanding can exist is wonderful indeed. We need more of this.

Just for the fun of it take a read of this post by Corinne Rodrigues

Here the links to these great posts please take the time to visit and read them leave a comment to let them know you care.

 One last thing I posted chapter 7 of my blog novel chronicle of Kathleen. Please take a read and leave you thought and point out anything I have left out or misspelled or typos please. Click here to read novel

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Alpana Jaiswal said...

I agree with everything you have said Roy,an excellent choice you have made.

Larry Lewis said...

What a HOT article this is Roy. Thank you so much for the mention. I'm glad we both have our curtains wide open. Love the three ladies you have honoured too. I was a spanked child too, never got it a 2nd time so must have worked.

Dangerous Linda said...

Hi, Roy! --

Thank you for honoring me as one of your pics of the week ;-)


Jan said...

Great picks Roy, solid.

Jessica M said...

Roy I am honored you that you thought of choosing my interview with Corinne as a pick. Thank you :) Loved Linda's post!

Martha J. M. Orlando said...

You made fantastic choices for all the right reasons, Roy!

Rimly said...

Great posts you chose this time. I read all the three and really enjoyed them

Corinne Rodrigues said...

Thanks so much, Roy. You're a sweetheart!

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