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Saturday, October 8, 2011

Lot of POV

Get tested

An ill-relevant point of view

Let see I can fix this darn thing
This part goes over there
This thing- a-bob belong somewhere else
Sure is a beautiful day

Hand me that box wrench
The sun is shining
Have you seen that part that goes here?
The birds are singing

Where is that darn manual?
 Is it broke?
No, I like to fix things
There not a cloud in the sky

There that does it
Let’s see if it works
It’s broke
Let’ go fishing

            The other day I was getting a few things at the local dollar store, and as I reached to get an idem off the upper shelf, a book fell into my shopping cart.  Someone had left it there on the wrong shelf, I was getting freezer bags and there not suppose to be books on this shelf, I don’t think. I pick it up and was about to put it back when I look at the title “MAKE A SCENE”. Well it got my attention and I thumb through it.

            The sub title was “craft a story one scene at a time” as I look at the table of contents I could see it was a somewhat of a text book. I put it back in my cart and finish my shopping.  I figured that I could use it and maybe it would help me with my writing.  It was only a dollar. Now how many of you love to read a text books? Most are dry and technical and some are downright boring to read and I have never read one that you would call a page turner.

When I got home it decided to see if this was worth the dollar I spent on it. Well I found myself deeply involved with it and turning the pages and going back and rereading some of the chapter, then reading more.  The author is Jordan E Rosenfeld; she is a contributing editor to Writer’s Digest.  I have a lot more to read, it is a three hundred page book filled with a lot of great reading and information that will help me with writing my novels. If you want to become a writer and want some real fun help get yourself a copy. I think you will be glad you did. She is defiantly a good read.

Here is Jordan’s web site  she has many well written articles on writing.

A foot note to yesterdays post the waterfall is about 2000 foot from top to bottom and the canyon is about 100 feet wide with a two lane road and the river taking up the space. the waterfall is man-made it is an overflow from a irrigation and hydroelectric power generating system.

Here are my picks for today
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Jan said...

Well I will be doing some clicking along.moving around the blogosphere.

Bongo said...

Following Jan clicking and traveling LOLOL..As always..XOXOXOXOXO

Anna L. Walls said...

Fate was knocking on your door today.

JANU said...

Thanks for the info.

Anna said...

I loved your intro Roy! And I will be doing some clicking myself today LOL.

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