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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

lot of wedensday child

4:00 AM the storm is at its height of rage, a bolt of lightning strikes the substation and the town goes dark not that it was not already dark but now there are no lights.  Ron wake up stretches and head to the bathroom taking care of the morning necessary, then heads off to the kitchen turning on the coffee. Going to the refrigerator getting out the milk then to the cupboard to get a bowl and the cereal, it will be a cold breakfast this morning. His one bedroom windowless apartment is a place of order everything has a place and is in its place. Sheba his black and tan German Sheppard Border collie mix lay at his feet waiting on his every move. Finishing his bowl of cereal, he places his bowl in the sink and turn off the coffee fills a travel cup and pats his leg. Sheba comes to his side with her harness in her mouth. Ron praises her and put on the harness. They head out the door and down the dark hallway.

Outside Ron lets Sheba run a bit, once she has taken care of her business they are off to the bus stop and another days work.

You see Ron is blind at twenty four he has never seen any light only darkness he was born without eyes. For him the power being out does not mean a thing.  He works as a jeweler at the mall repairing watches and engraving jewelry.  I don’t see how he can do the beautiful things he does. He loves to play hand ball. Just don’t challenge him to a game unless you like getting beat. He can tell you what kind of flowers that is around you just from the smell of them on you.

Ron does not see himself as anyone special and does not like getting attention for his abilities.  I met him at an E-step equestrian therapy center; he was one of the clients.  He is always glad to see me and greets me with a big smile and “Howdy cowboy roy.” We always have a fun ride and he helps the others with their horses.

When I told him I would like to write about him he said ok but no pictures he cannot see them. I ask him what he would like me to say, what advice he would like give others. He said “Don’t live in fear of the things you cannot see.”

Here are my picks for today:

Do you know a person with a disability can you tell their story?  Give it a try write a post about them and how they live  and I will link to your post here.

Thank you for coming by and god bless


JANU said...

Ron is a brave man. Inspiring post Roy.

Roy Durham said...

i would have like to post picture of him and Sheba but he does not want them to be published and i had to use a pen name for him.

Martha J. M. Orlando said...

Wonderful, inspirational story! I loved his advice to not live in fear of what we can't see. :)


Shreya said...

Inspiring!! Great read.
“Don’t live in fear of the things you cannot see.” ~This line is enough to inspire. :)

Leah Griffith said...

What an inspiring post and an inspiring man. Thank you Roy!

Jan said...

Great read Roy,I am glad you shared his story, inspiring.

Dangerous Linda said...

truly beautiful, roy!

i would like to share this at:

thank you!!!

Alpana Jaiswal said...

A wonderful start to my day Roy...God bless u for this one.

Anonymous said...

you are amazing roy. i love how your blog has formed over the time i have known you. your stories always fill my heart. i thank you for all the work you do. you make a wonderful difference in all the things you share. much love and respect always. gemini~

Rimly said...

Ron shares my son's name. Reading about people like Ron really get me thinking. We say our problems are big and look at guys like who have no fear and live life to the best. Thank you for sharing this Roy.

Anonymous said...

You pretty much said what i could not effectively communicate. +1

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