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Monday, October 3, 2011

lot , So what Up???

Well it is the start of a new month and a new day and a new season. So what up? I have been hunting for someone to pick on me Tuesday, and there is Wednesday’s child and a new challenge for Thursday.  Well we need more poems, so here is the challenge “there are spirits here ghost and goblin, dancing leaves, hay bales and pumpkin, corn fields, apple cider and spiders, bobbing for apples…” what is your ghastly ghost poem or a harvest party rhyme?  A witch’s brew of word that tingle your mind and scrum your spine, “ The fall of leafs, The dreaded rake of the yard, Bedtime story for a grizzly Bear, Lizard tail eye of newt, Cobweb stew, The skeleton in the closet.” Do you dare pin the tail on the dragon?

Here is some mood music to get you in the right frame of mind. 

Here the challenge, I said that is there an echo in here or am I not alone, take one of the titles and write a poem or a story then leave you link in the comment section here and I will post them and my poem on Thursday.

Oh and don’t forget the boo-bees, this it breast cancer awareness month. It’s not a women thing it gets men too, over 500 men in the US alone will die from breast cancer this year 2500 will be diagnoses with it. Get check NOW it could save your life.

Thank you for dropping by. God Bless


Alfandi said...

nice..but I don't know anything about poem..sigh..

Roy Durham said...

@ alfandi you can write a story of post some spooky photos lol

Mary said...

Roy, not sure I can make this week, sorry. Have been down with the flu :(

Corinne Rodrigues said...

I don't do poetry Roy - but hopefully some people take u the challenge and make it interesting for us all.

Liked that you mentioned breast cancer in men, it gets forgotten sometimes amidst the pink.

Jan said...

Great post and thanks for mentioning men and breast cancer. I will try to scare something up for your hop, but I am seriously not a poet, sounds like a fun challenge.

Larry Lewis said...

Roy you have a really impressive schedule, so important for a blogger. I have to admit writing poetry is definetely not a skill i possess.

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