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Thursday, October 27, 2011

one little candle Poe-a-tree hop

In the beginning there was the word “let there be light” from the beginning of time a light has shown on man. We marvel at it. The light of one little candle is said to light up the world. It has many meanings in the different cultures of the world. One little candle, we light one as a symbol of a prayer.  “Awe what light through yawn window breaks” it speaks of love.  The challenge for the next Poe-a-tree hop, write a poem, short story, or a photo essay. What does the light of one little candle means to you. 

my offering 

One little candle
An angle comes in the darkness
To keep the monster away
In the light of day I play

My fears are at bay but the night
A prayer is heard
Carry threw out the darkness
One little candle

 See it dance
Tiny little thing
A joy to behold
One little candle

My life was lit
This day one year ago
 To my love and I
One little candle

 here is the song one little candle

Thank you and god bless

If you are joining this hop with your poem or such then add your name and URL in the mister linky tool.  Who will be first?


Kriti said...

What a fascinating viewpoint that is - Loved it ROy! India just celebrated "Diwali" yesterday - its the festival of lights... All of us lit candles of different shapes, sizes and numbers in our houses and lit our decks with amazing decorative lights - it was amazing. Our country from the 13th floor that I live in looked like a place right out of a fairy tale : )

JANU said...

Nice poem post will be ready tomorrow.

Jerly said...

sweet poem, lovely topic. would luv to try

Leah Griffith said...

Roy, what a sweet little poem. One little candle. We are all little candles aren't we?
Still in MA, but heading home on Saturday.

Rimly said...

What a beautiful poem. For children a tiny candle is enough light to allay all their fears of monsters and spooky things

Alpana Jaiswal said...

beautiful one Roy..and yes,I will write for u..

Mary said...

Hey Roy! Lovely poem, so delicately written.
p.s. please remove #2 Mary as it was taking you somewhere in the unknown and your comments didn't stick. I mean that you and Alpana commented, and they showed in my sidebar, but not under the post (and you are not in spam) :(

Larry Lewis said...

Really sweet. Let me check how many candles on my next cake, right i trhink i'll give that a miss.

Anna said...

Whoa Roy...sounds like you have a romantic streak in you :)

And listen, the linky wasn't offering me a way to leave my link so here it is if you would like to add it:

Bongo said...

I liked this hop ..Thank you...As always...XOXOXO

Jessica M said...

Love it! What a great poem. Thanks :)

Mari Sterling Wilbur said...

So lovely - you are a terrific poet!

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