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Monday, October 17, 2011

Pick on me Tuesday 10-17

I am going to break the rules here, but they are my rules so what the heck. I normally just read some blogs and pick one the strikes my fancy to pick on.  But the one I am going to pick on isn’t a random pick.  I just like to pick on this one. The author of the blog if they were someone living in my back yard we would be great friends and I am sure we would have great fun every day. However they live on the other side of the world, but we do have great fun.

Well it also You Tube Tuesday and we need some entertainment so here are one or two tunes for my friend and you. 

 Now this friend of mine does some pretty great things, like spilling the milk of those who need to be heard, because they cannot speak for themselves.  He takes me places I have only dream about. He has a good eye for taking picture. And from what I understand he has helped out some elves and hobbits and a wizard or two. He knows where the best coffee is and he does get around a bit.  Well I am not totally sure about this but I think maybe he may be a wee bit of a leprechaun, maybe on his mother’s side.   

Well if you have not guessed who please say howdy to and congratulate Jim McIntosh of hole in my soles.  Jim this award is yours to share with the misses.

Jim if you got a cat let it clean up the milk sorry for spilling it.
Thank you Jim and god bless.

For the rest of you please give your support and have a great day god bless.


Jim said...

Wow! Thanks Roy. I started reading this and wasn't until the Petula Clark song gave me a clue and I thought, "Gee, I must have done something good for Roy! Maybe I helped save a rhino or something...even wooden ones!
Nice one Roy. I'm lucky to have a great wife who saves all her hard earned money, and when she's saved enough it's "I'm off Jim!" and I have to follow!
Getting harder to keep up with her these days.
Thanks again Roy!

Jessica M said...

Great songs! And I love Jim's definitely is one that deserves recognition..great pick :)

Jan said...

Yep, Jim's is a great pick. Congratulations Jim. Love the songs too!

Alpana Jaiswal said...

Loved your songs,and yes,I agree,Jim's blog is a delight for all.

JANU said...

I like both the songs, and both Roy's and Jim's blogs...great guys.

Portia said...

very nice as usual.

Corinne Rodrigues said...

Loved the music, Roy and Jim is really a remarkable person and blogger.

Anna said...

Great videos Roy and congratulations Jim! I really enjoy both of you men's blogs :)

Bongo said...

old stuff..old memories...As always...XOXOXOXO

Anna L. Walls said...

I agree with Roy and everyone else here. Great blog, Jim. Well deserved spilt milk. haha

Jim said...

Thanks ladies, love you all. I'm wondering if a spilt milk award can be passed on, considering the bucket is empty and I don't have a cow.

Roy Durham said...

well Jim it is yours to keep. now i here there are some tigers that need some milking over there in India.

Mary said...

Roy, you always tickle me with your choice of videos :) And Jim, congratulations!
ps Roy...your link on Josh's site brings you to last weeks YTT. I went to home to get to this weeks LOL.

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