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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Poe-a-tree hop

Poe-a-tree hop. Here is the prompt “home is where” well you know the rest. Write a poem, short story, or pictures of home. Post on your blog and leave a link here I would to love read it.

Home is where

Saddle up that old rone
Gaze at the prairie skies
The sun in my eyes
Hat in my hand

Get the move on
Somewhere out there
There is a home
Hat in my hand

Why did I Rome
So far from home
Under star lit skies
Hat in my hand

Home is where
Somewhere out there
So far I did Rome
Hat in my hand

My heart is there
Somewhere out there
Home home again
Hat in my hand

Any place for a bed
I dread its out there
My heart my home
Hat in my hand

They say home
Is where
I hang my hat
Hat I’m home

Thank you and God Bless

 here is another poem of home

I am trying the mister linky tool  so if you have a poem or post for this hop please give it a try.



Immense beauty...hat in my hand. :)
I loved it sir.

Corinne Rodrigues said...

Hat and home reminds me of Paul Young!

JANU said...

Wonderful poem.

Luchi Smiles said...

Nice poem Roy. Home is where I have my peace.

Jim said...

Holding my hat in my hand... a Billy Joe Shaver line from a great song Roy, "If I give myself to Jesus..?"

Roy Durham said...

Jim i will look that one up sound good

Jim said...

Sorry, it's "If I give my soul?" on his Shaver Victory CD.

Mary said...

Lovely words Roy. It was a pleasure. Wasn't sure I would get mine done, but did. So sorry it's late :(

sulekkha said...

Great poem Roy, I will be leaving my link soon. I have yet to write my poem as I was out of touch for a while due to my health issues.

Rachel Hoyt said...

Beautiful poem, Roy! I guess I better go hat shopping. I can't afford a house. :)

Alpana Jaiswal said...

Loved it Roy...its your simplicity that touches my heart.

Rimly said...

Love your poems Roy. I am in and I am about to post. Hope you like it and comment on it

Leah Griffith said...

Hi Roy, I think I'm a day late here but I wanted to participate so I posted anyway. Love what you do big guy!

Reeceloui said...

Thanks for given amazing poem for hat and home.

Sun Hat

Andy said...

Some lovely sentiments here.
Nicely expressed.

For me, my wife is my home. She's the keeper of my heart, the one I turn to when the burdens of life become too heavy to carry all alone and the comfort of her arms is what I seek when I need a reassuring hug. My wife is my safety net when I feel as if I'm falling.

Thanks for sharing & for your visit/comment. Much appreciated.

Undress Me With Your Sultry Eyes

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